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One arrest made in recent burglary spree

An alleged local burglar’s recent string of late-night successesended in defeat Tuesday evening when city police officers caughthim in the act.

Brookhaven Police Chief Pap Henderson said Matthew Nelson, 23, of900 Williams St. Apt. 81, was busted inside City Mart No. 2 onNorth Jackson Street at 10:20 p.m., his alleged robbery attemptstill in progress when officers descended on the store on aconfidential tip.

Once arrested and questioned him, Nelson admitted to a total ofnine burglaries at eight locations over the past two months, withmost locations clustered around Highway 51, Henderson said.

Besides the confession, the chief said physical evidence andsecurity videos are expected to tie Nelson to burglaries at theExxon/Subway, Northbrook Center, Lee’s Small Engines, Lincoln TruckParts, Co-Lin Feed and Seed, Wand Seed Store and two robberies atMontgomery Electric.

“We knew he was involved in the burglaries, but he was just like aghost. We couldn’t catch him,” Henderson said. “He moved late atnight. Locating him was the biggest problem, because he doesn’treally have a place he stays, he moved around.”

Nelson is being held in the Lincoln County Jail and will facearraignment in city court Tuesday, Henderson said. He said Nelsonwas recently released from prison after serving a prior sentencefor burglary, and the Mississippi Department of Corrections mayalso weigh in on his latest spree.

Henderson said Nelson broke into the stores by knocking the glassout of windows and front doors and stole mostly small items insteadof cash.

“It was always something you could sell or trade,” he said.”Sometimes, he didn’t get anything. A lot of it was just moreproperty damage than the stuff he was able to get.”

The value of Nelson’s hauls is unknown, as the case is still underinvestigation, Henderson said.