Board alters track use times

Published 6:34 pm Wednesday, May 26, 2010

During most days, there is some activity at Brookhaven HighSchool, where walkers and joggers can often be seen circling thetrack. But it looks like that will partially come to an end sometime in June.

The Brookhaven School Board voted Tuesday night to close the trackexcept during school business hours after people using the facilityhave caused some damage to the football field.

“We’re beginning to have problems in the evening,” said BrookhavenSchool District Superintendent Lea Barrett. “There has been somedamage that needed to be repaired, and it’s causing grief to thecoaches.”

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Barrett said the damage, which has primarily been caused by peopleon the football field when it’s wet, has occurred for the most parton the weekends and at night. Apparently people have been on thefield and in some cases ridden bicycles, which have made divots inthe grass.

“This does seem to be an ongoing problem,” she said.

Barrett suggested putting signs and advertising out that the trackwill soon be closed, and giving people two to three weeks to findanother place to go walking, and that hopefully the track can beclosed to the public as of June 15.

“I see positives to it, but I also see negatives,” said boardmember Carl Aycock. “Ninety-eight percent of the people that aregoing to be using it would be there during that time anyway.”

Board member Willie “Doc” Harrison asked Barrett if people whosneak in and get on the field would be prosecuted once the closuregoes into effect.

“We’ll make an effort to educate and inform them before thatbecomes an issue,” Barrett said.

Board member Karen Braden said she considers it a shame that tracktime has to be governed, but that it has become a necessity.

“I hate closing it because we’re trying to improve fitness, butpeople have made us have to,” she said. “I definitely think we needto do it, but I just hate that we have to.”

Barrett pointed to the fact that the walking track at City Park hasbeen busy lately and said that there are other places for walkersto get their exercise. In addition, she said, the track will beopen during the school year during office hours, from 7:30 a.m. to4:30 p.m.

In addition, the school board set the date of the yearly publichearing on the budget for June 15, 2010.