Hometown Help For Haiti

Published 6:00 pm Sunday, May 30, 2010

Brookhaven native and current Nashville resident Sabrina QuallsOssé said she and her husband Oswald are truly moved to see howmuch people in her hometown care about the country that has herheart – Haiti.

The Ossés were in town Saturday for a prayer breakfast given bythe Natchez Chapter of Links, Inc., in which people gathered inprayer, fellowship and supplication for the devastation that isstill being cleaned up since the January earthquake that killedthousands in Haiti.

“We’re really happy and blessed that our friends and family careso much about us, and Haiti through us,” Sabrina Ossé said.

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The Ossés showed a slide presentation that featured picturesfrom before and after the earthquake, so attendees of the breakfastcould better understand some of the things that had been affectedand had changed in the country since the disaster.

When Pastor Christopher Todd opened the event in prayer, heasked God to bless the Ossés and their family, as well as all thosethey came in contact with. He also asked God to move in the heartsof the people of Brookhaven.

“We’re lifting them up and attacking the enemy, and lettingloose a spirit of charity in this place,” he said.

And Sabrina Ossé’s aunt, Jacqueline Evans, told the group of howSabrina and Oswald met when they were working for separateChristian ministries in Haiti.

“Sabrina’s first mission trip was to Haiti as a medicalmissionary even though she had no medical knowledge,” she said.”She had to convince the pastor why he should allow her to go.”

It was there that she met the man – and the country – that sheloves.

“For me, going to Haiti and leaving here was a choice, a leap offaith,” she said. “It has been a life-changing experience, becausesomething about those people and their generosity, they know how tosurvive in the face of challenges. This is the country that I love.This is Haiti.”

As such, Oswald Ossé said, Haiti will rise again, though it willtake time.

“The Haitian people will rise from this destruction,” he said.”Currently thousands are still living in camps and hundreds havegone days without food.”

For those people, they said, the need is still palpable. AndBrookhavenites seem to be stepping to the plate. Sabrina Ossé saidjust knowing that people cared enough to donate money and puttogether the breakfast was enough to encourage her.

“It was nice to know we didn’t have to try to take care ofeverything ourselves,” she said. “We have your support. Thankyou.”

Oswald Ossé, too, expressed his thanks, saying that the factthat his wife’s hometown would step to the plate was a blessing anda comfort.

“This is amazing,” he said. “I didn’t know people from here areamazing like that. I’m really moved and impressed.”