Arrests made following recent burglaries

Published 9:03 pm Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department investigators have madethree arrests in a string of burglaries that took place Tuesday inthe northern half of the county.

Chief Deputy Johnny Hall said Cody R. Bordelon, 18, and Olivia M.Boyte, 19, both of 986 Beeson Road, and Jessica M. Lofton, 19, of2520 Ramah Trail in McCall Creek, have been arrested on chargesrelated to Tuesday burglaries on Nola Road, Beeson Road, HilltopLane and California Road.

“All of the burglaries were definitely related,” Hall said.

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Hall said the arrests were made on Wednesday, and most of the itemshave been recovered, though a few things are still missing. He saidthere were televisions, guns, computers and jewelry taken, and thesheriff’s department was alerted to the suspects by an anonymoustip.

“I think we might have another burglary that they’re involved intoo,” he said.

Bordelon is charged with burglary of an automobile and burglary ofa home, while Boyte is charged with burglary and possession ofstolen property. Lofton is charged with accessory after thefact.

Hall said some of the charges could be upgraded as theinvestigation continues.

Meanwhile, the sheriff’s department has also wrapped up twoburglaries that took place last week in the New Sightcommunity.

Benjamin Cody Newell of Case Trail was arrested this week inconjunction with a burglary on Case Trail and one on New HopeRoad.

Hall said Newell allegedly made away with a flat-screen television,a laptop computer, a Wii gaming system, a camcorder and around$1,900 in cash.

Some of that money came from the home on New Hope Road, Hall said,but that homeowner did not realize she had been burgled until lateron.

“The complainant didn’t know,” he said. “We brought Newell in onone thing and he confessed to two burglaries.”

All of the items were recovered except the cash, Hall said.

Newell’s arrest was also the result of an anonymous tip. Hall saidofficials from Brookhaven Police Department and the Lincoln CountySheriff’s Department located him at the Comfort Inn inBrookhaven.

Hall said burglaries seem to ramp up in the summer time becausepeople are out of school and have more time on their hands.

“People need to be aware, and make sure you lock the doors on yourhomes and vehicles, and if you have an alarm, be sure to set it,”he said.

He also reminded the public to watch for anything that seems amissin their neighborhoods.

“If you see anything strange, anyone unusual or a vehicle passingby more than one or two times,” he said. “If there is anything outof the way, if you can get a tag or a good description of a personor a vehicle, don’t hesitate to let us know. That’s what we’re herefor.”