Playing cards of life key for graduates

Published 5:55 pm Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I would like to welcome you to the graduation of class of2010.

It has been said that life is not a matter of holding goodcards; it’s playing a poor hand well. We must not forget our familyand teachers who first taught us how to play cards. My parents weregreat at helping me play games like Uno and Go-Fish. Moreimportantly, they showed me how to play life’s cards. Our familieshave taught us how to play such cards as virtue, honesty,compassion and thoughtfulness (not to mention manners).

Our teachers have shown us how to play as well. Mrs. Scotttaught us how to play the sword card instead of the “swoored” card.Mr. Gee and Ms. Gary gave us the card of keyboarding. Coach Leggettgave the PowerPoint history card, and Mrs. Smith gave the X and Ycards. Oh, and who can forget all of the helpful cards that some ushave received from Coach Sartin?

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Times have come, however, when we had to actually use thesecards. ACTs, standing up for what’s right, and supporting otherswere all testing how well we could play them. Times also came whenwe were given cards that we did not want, such as betrayal, brokenhearts, low finances, flat tires and the H1N1 virus.

Playing these cards has made us successful. Every one of thestudents of the class of 2010 has overcome their challenges. Theywere able to make it here to walk tonight by playing their cardswell, whether those cards were great or poor.

Perhaps the one card that helped all the others throughout theyears is friendship. How many of us would actually be here if itwasn’t for our friends’ support?

On behalf of my classmates, I would like to thank all of thefamilies, teachers and friends who have helped and supported us inlife. Most importantly, I would like to thank God my Father and HisSon Jesus Christ. Without them directing my paths and sometimesplaying my cards for me, I would not be standing here tonight.

Thank you for your attention, and please welcome the graduatingclass of 2010.

David Quin is the son of Tracey and Melvin Quin.