Need for public safety support rises with temps

Published 6:00 pm Sunday, June 27, 2010

As the summer temperatures soar and restlessness rises, so toocomes the possibility of an increase in criminal activity. Somerecent events suggest that may be happening, and a strong responsefrom city leaders is needed.

A midday shooting in April in downtown shocked the community andsome subsequent events have also raised concerns.

A McComb man died June 18 following a shooting the previous nightnear a local convenience store and a city man was shot June 7outside his Hartman Street residence. And while not directlyrelated to Brookhaven, an alleged car theft and chase that beganhere resulted in a teen being charged in connection with twoshootings in Jackson.

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Although not necessarily violent, the potential for robberies -armed or otherwise – and burglaries raises fears among commoncitizens who wish only to live their lives and conduct theirbusiness in peace.

It is one thing for those who “lie down with dogs and wake up withfleas” to be victims of crime.

But it is an entirely more serious matter when everyday citizensfall victim to society’s criminal elements. It is for these peoplethat a strong message in support of public safety must be sent bycity leaders.