Show extending treasure hunt

Published 6:00 pm Sunday, August 1, 2010

Apparently Brookhaven has a lot of treasures to share, and inthe last week, people have been coming out of the woodwork to sharetheir valuables.

At a price, of course.

“We just cut her a check from $721 for some coins,” saidTreasure Hunter’s Road Show spokesman Tony Prescott, indicating awoman as she left. “We’ve spent more than $45,000 so far thisweek.”

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The road show has found such valuables on the road as a gas billbelonging to President John F. Kennedy when he was still a senator.They have also purchased a Les Paul guitar for $100,000, which waslater sold to a collector for $300,000. Johnny Cash’s bed broughtits owner $30,000, Prescott said, and they’ve even purchased anauthentic vampire killing kit for $10,000.

While none of that was in Brookhaven, any day could be the day,Prescott said. There is still a four- to six-hour wait to get inand see the experts, as people sit in the lobby of the Hampton Inn,hoping that Road Show experts will see the value in things thathave lain untouched for years.

“We’ve done exceptionally well here,” he said. “We’ve had about600 people come through.”

Prescott said Brookhavenites and people from surrounding areashave brought in old documents and currency, as well asknick-knacks, toys and other treasures.

For that reason, Prescott said the Road Show will stay anotherweek. From Tuesday to Saturday, Road Show professionals willcontinue to appraise and purchase valuables.

“Anything cast iron brings big bucks,” said Prescott. “Andanything gold. A little bit brings a lot of money.”

In response to questions about THRC and how it’s different thanthe popular “Antiques Road Show,” Prescott said there are somedifferences that will be apparent when the show begins to air inthe fall.

“The Antiques Road Show only appraises,” he explained. “We wantto buy things because we have a large collectors database that wesell to.”

Prescott said people can see a preview of the show at thewebsite