More juveniles charged in recent criminal activity

Published 6:42 pm Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Three arrests have been made, including two juveniles, in theFriday night break-in and burglary at the Brookhaven High Schoolfield house.

The arrests prompted police officials to send a message to parents:Handle your children – or we will.

Brookhaven Police Chief Pap Henderson said two juveniles, whoseages were unavailable, were arrested and charged with burglary inthe break-in. Officials said the suspects waited until the footballteam was on the road playing a game at Franklin County Friday nightand then broke a window

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Meanwhile, 17-year-old Edward Dewayne Jenkins, of 805 Williams St.,was charged with receiving stolen property. Henderson said thequick turnaround was the result of good investigations.

“They did an outstanding job, especially with what we were dealingwith,” Henderson said of his officers’ work. “It’s a real battledealing with juveniles, and with parents too.”

Henderson did not say if other arrests could be coming in the fieldhouse break-in.

Meanwhile, police made a fourth arrest in the case of a stolentruck that was taken over the weekend by four juveniles. The firstthree arrests were two 14-year-olds and a 13-year-old.

Henderson said the fourth one picked up is 12 years old. And he’sfrustrated about it.

“These parents need to tighten up,” he said. “They’d better tightenup, because we’re getting tighter. This seems to be a game to thesekids, that this is something they’re just supposed to grow up anddo, and that needs to change.”

And the chief issued a warning to parents who don’t know wheretheir children are: If your children are committing crimes, theywill be arrested.

“You’d better keep your kids in check, or we’ll handle them,” hesaid.