State flower show coming to MSA Monday

Published 8:28 pm Thursday, October 7, 2010

The State Advanced Standard Flower Show will set sail Monday atthe Mississippi School of the Arts when an expected crowd of 500spectators and exhibitors come for the cruise-themed event.

“Bon Voyage” is the theme for show, sponsored by the Garden Clubsof Mississippi, Inc., that will take place Monday from 1 to 5 Lampton Auditorium.

The event, which is free of charge and open to the public, willfeature nearly 100 different floral designs and more than 500 typesof horticulture from all over the state, organizers said. Therewill also be educational exhibits to assist local gardeners.

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Some of the floral design categories include vibratile, featuringmovement; stretch, which highlights components appearing to pullaway from the original container; reflective, in which some of thestructure is mirrored to the viewer; and duo, which showcases adesign on one side and a completely different look on theother.

Visitors will not just observe works of art, but can learn ways tocreate their own arrangements, different cultivating techniques andhow to incorporate organic materials into their decorations.

“We use naturally grown products, which adds more of a home grownlook, and put them together in different ways,” said TinaBrumfield, the show’s co-chairman.

However, flowers will not be the only items on displayMonday.

Some of the arts school’s students will participate in a contestbetween posters, artwork, poems and music that relate to gardening.The winner of the contest, chosen by 24 judges from across thecountry, will receive a $100 cash prize.

Brumfield also thinks the flower show will be a great way topromote the school.

“Many people have not been able to see the school of the arts,” shesaid. “This is a great opportunity for the public to tour theschool; it’s an absolute jewel in our backyard.”

Monday’s show is the first time the flower exhibit will be held inSouthwest Mississippi. The spectacle is usually reserved for largercities such as Oxford, Tupelo, Starkville and Jackson, saidBrumfield.

To be entered into the show, floral designers needed to meetexacting criteria, scheduling requirements and be a member of anaccredited garden club.

Daffodils will also be sold in support of Garden Clubs ofMississippi, Inc. President Rene Blaschke’s national project toplant yellow blooms across the nation as an emphasis to remembersenior citizens unable to actively participate in gardeningprojects.

“We feel like doing that brings back a piece of memory they enjoy,”Brumfield said.