Respect for soldier cannot be forgotten

Published 6:00 pm Sunday, October 10, 2010

The first paragraph in an Associated Press story tells the taleof what could be landmark ruling regarding a privilege that we inthis country take for granted and sometime abuse – freedom ofspeech.

“Supreme Court justices, in a rare public display of sympathy,strongly suggested Wednesday they would like to rule for a deadMarine’s father against fundamentalist church members who picketedhis son’s funeral – but aren’t sure they can.”

Oh boy, if they cannot, the public outcry on this one is going tobe huge.

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If they can, the effect on this First Amendment right may beground-rattling.

This group’s abuse of the precious ability for each of us to beable to say what is on our mind, without governmental sanction, isappalling. The disgusting actions of this small group ofindividuals, espousing their beliefs and hate on a grieving familyduring an honorable event, is beyond belief and basic humandecency.

We have to wonder what has happened to the civility of thiscountry? What happened to the respect of others and the decency toallow someone a few moments of peace and calm in a time ofneed?

A decision on this case is not expected until sometime nextyear.

In the meantime, the pros and cons will be debated ad nauseam. Inthe meantime, what we should all not forget is that Lance Cpl.Matthew Snyder gave his life defending this country, and he did itwith honor and dignity and for the basic rights each of us enjoys.He and his family deserve our compassion and our respect.