BA kicks off Red Ribbon Week

Published 7:46 pm Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The National Family Partnership estimates that more than 80million people participate in Red Ribbon events each year. As inyears past, Brookhaven Academy will be part of that number.

From Monday through Friday, pre-kindergarten through senior highschool students at BA will be participating in activities gearedtoward educating them about the dangers of drugs and being moremindful of their responsibilities when riding or driving in a motorvehicle.

“I think the students are going to enjoy the activities andhopefully they take something from the program,” said BrookhavenAcademy Counselor Daisy Arnold.

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The week’s activities began with Sgt. Rusty Boyd of theMississippi Highway Patrol talking to high school students abouttaking responsibility on the road and avoiding any and alldistractions while operating a motor vehicle on Monday morning.

“Everything and anything can affect how you drive,” Boyd warnedthe students.

In addition to Boyd’s speech, high school students met in thegymnasium and watched a video that emphasized the points Boyd wasmaking to the students.

During Red Ribbon Week, students will dress in collaborationwith a theme to be reminded of the week’s agenda.

On Monday, students were in nerd costumes to show “SmartiesDon’t Do Drugs.” From Tuesday through Friday, students will bedressing in Halloween costumes, team jerseys, hippie outfits andcareer attire.

BA students will also be competing in a poster contest, be givena bracelet, treated to candy and receive additional information andactivities from their teachers about the harmful effects ofdrugs.

“We all know that drugs are a problem, but you can’t educatekids enough about them,” Arnold said.

While Arnold has 36 years of teaching experience, this is justher first year as a counselor. She hopes the program will continueto grow while under her supervision.

“If the program makes a difference with one student, it wasworth it,” Arnold said.