Trust event serves up good time for all

Published 7:03 pm Friday, November 5, 2010

The event was built for people like her.

Brookhaven’s Rochelle Sanders and her family have only recentlyreturned to the Homeseekers Paradise after a four-year stint inJackson.

She came back to the same old city, but did she find the sameold things to eat? Not really. But the new restaurants and dishesshe’s missed while during her time out of town were there for herto sample Thursday night at Taste of the Trust.

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“I just wanted to come check out al the good food inBrookhaven,” Sanders said over the din of a rowdy room at theBrookhaven Recreation Department office, where the event was held.”Growing up in Brookhaven, you’re familiar with all these places,but some of the food has changed. I really love how (Taste of theTrust) represents the local area.”

While Taste of the Trust may represent the local area, theevent’s end goal is to improve the local area by raising money forthe Brookhaven Trust for the Preservation of History, Culture andthe Arts. Every year, organizers shoot for the $10,000 mark, givingthem a healthy sum to distribute around the community for therenovation of historic buildings, grants for arts programs like theMississippi School of the Arts and donations to local schools’ artsprograms.

Brookhaven Trust President Rita Rich said it would be anotherweek before Trust officials know how much money Taste of the Trustmanaged to raise this year. Proceeds from the silent auction aloneshould be sizeable, as a few people were reported to have wonauctions for artist Gary Walters’ multi-colored paintings – usuallyquite pricey items.

“We’re still collecting money from our auction items,” Richsaid. “And we had a lot of corporate sponsorship.”

Taste of the Trust’s auction performed well, but attendance wasa little lower than normal in 2010, Rich said. She estimated anattendance of about 200 people throughout the night.

“We did not have the crowd we usually have,” Rich said. “Therewere a lot of people who usually come who weren’t there, probablyout of town on business. But the crowd that was there had a goodtime.”

Brookhaven’s Bob Cox had a great time, sampling all the fineryand jamming to Ghost Town, who provided live music for Taste of theTrust.

“I just came to socialize, to fill up on the good food and thegood beer,” he said, nursing an import. “And I love the band. Icome up in the rock n’ roll.”

Geoff Hambach said he buys tickets to Taste of the Trust just tobe civic minded. But even he managed to have a little fun.

“It’s a nice, fun atmosphere. I like to see all the good peopleI haven’t seen in a while,” he said. “And the bad people, too. I’mone of them.”

Valarie Oglesby brought her deep pockets to the event with aneye for Waters’ art. She wasn’t on a budget.

“There’s a lot of Lincoln County nostalgia in those paintings,”she said slyly.