Industrial Corridor Cleanup

Published 7:00 pm Sunday, November 14, 2010

Travelers on Industrial Park Road can expect a little smoothersailing and a few more pleasant sights thanks to a collaborativeeffort among city aldermen and county officials.

The six-week project on the road began in Ward Six Monday andwill include cleaning the gutters and drainage entrances, edgingthe roadways and using the sweeper to clean gravel and debris.

Ward Six Alderman David Phillips said the road’s high trafficwas a major factor in the decision to clean up thethoroughfare.

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“We just need to improve our impression,” said Phillips. “Wewould like to have a beautiful entrance coming in from town thatway.”

Phillips added that the street upkeep is needed due to the 2,500people that go to work on the road and anticipated increasedusage.

Rex Lumber LLC, which purchased Columbus Lumber Co. last year,hopes to be operating in the spring in the Industrial Park. Beyondthe Industrial Park, the road will also be home to the 12,200square foot FEMA safe house and conference center, with facilityconstruction expected to begin in the next few months.

Safety was also on the minds of the aldermen.

D.W. Maxwell, Ward Five alderman, thinks the worst part of theroad is in Ward Six. He said that area can become very hazardousduring inclement weather due to the ruts along the way.

“That part in the middle was absolutely dangerous, that had tobe fixed,” said Maxwell.

Ward One Alderman Dorsey Cameron also thinks the project couldact as a crime deterrent along the road.

“You’re inviting crime when you don’t clean up your property,”said Cameron.

Phillips added that the road would not go neglected after thecurrent activities are completed. He said officials will go to workto devise and implement an upkeep project for the Industrial ParkRoad corridor.

“We don’t want this to be an effort where we invest all oureffort and don’t get back to it for two years,” said Phillips.

The road could also see some resurfacing.

City officials will find out in the spring if they will receivea STP grant for $450,000 to be used for paving parts of IndustrialPark Road. If the city receives the funding, the city and countyhave each agreed to give an additional $100,000.

Officials said the project has been a successful collaborationof all those involved to improve the city’s appearance.

“The aldermen are always working for the common good of thecommunity, even though we often think locally about our own wards,”said Phillips.

Cameron echoed Phillips’ comments, adding that he is excitedabout the project, which he thinks will benefit the whole city.

“We’re called Homeseekers Paradise and you can’t be that unlessyou stand behind it,” said Cameron. “The board stands behind thatslogan.”