Aldermen wish to continue wards’ progress in 2011

Published 7:00 pm Friday, December 31, 2010

Losing a few pounds, dropping a bad habit, using timeeffectively and saving money are just a few of many New Year’sresolutions Brookhavenites will attempt to endure for a year tobecome more productive members of society.

However, before the big globe drops in New York’s Times Squareand households count down the seconds to 2011, Brookhaven’saldermen took the time to reflect on a busy 2010 and ponderresolutions distinctive to city officials.

“I really feel like things are going really well in the city,”said Karen Sullivan, alderman at large. “I think our city workersare very efficient right now.”

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In addition to being pleased with the current state of affairs,Sullivan was also glad the city will be acquiring an emergencyshelter in the next few years. Plans for the FEMA 361 Safe Roomproject include accommodations for up to 950 people for roughly 40days in the event of a hurricane or other similar emergency.

As for the alderman at large’s resolution, she plans to assistcitizens and other city officials in any way that she can.

“I really think things are moving forward nicely, and whatever Ican do to help I am ready and willing to help, individually or thecity as a whole,” said Sullivan.

Dorsey Cameron, Ward One alderman, mentioned he was happy thecity was able to secure a grant for the Brignall fire loop.

“That was one of the things that I was real excited about,” saidCameron. “That’s going to help that area.”

The fire loop will give water access to assist with fireprotection in the northern part of the city.

For next year, Cameron hopes to assist the city with improvingwalkers’ travels around town.

“What I really would like to see in 2011 happen, I would like tosee us go after some money to get some sidewalks in neighborhoodswhere kids have to walk back and forth to school,” said Cameron.”We’re coming up short in our sidewalks in our neighborhoods,especially in Ward One.”

Ward Four Alderman Shirley Estes was cheerful of the city’saccomplishments over the past year, but she was also pleased withcitizens’ decisions to shop at home.

“I am of course happy when people shop at home that’s where thebutter on the bread is,” said Estes. “Not that we can findabsolutely everything we need in Brookhaven, but we can find mostof it.”

In addition to hoping to improve the city’s emergency weathernotification system and continuing to explore paving options, Estesalso looks forward to getting better walkways around town.

“We have so many pedestrians, people riding bikes, walking dogsand just walking,” said Estes. “I hope to continue to improvesidewalks in Ward Four.”

Looking back, Ward Five Alderman D.W. Maxwell was glad to seethe overlay of Brookway Boulevard and the restructuring of theHalbert Heights bridge.

While smoother travels have been a big part of the alderman’sagenda this year, he hopes to continue to ease trips around town in2011.

“I have quite a good bit of commercial area that has taken quitea good bit of my paving money,” said Maxwell. “These areas that arecommercial are very high traffic. Hopefully, this year my(resolution) is to give more effort to the neighborhoods.”

While most aldermen pointed to physical achievements throughoutthis year’s work, Ward Six Alderman David Phillips was impressedwith less concrete accomplishments.

“Through our zoning ordinance changes we have put in place for astructure for the city to grow and have protected property value,”said Phillips. “Those are things you don’t see, but make a hugedifference in the community.

Some of the ordinance changes Phillips is referring to are themodular and manufacturing building ordinance the city adopted forits commercial districts during the summer and a tree ordinance,which protects trees on city right-a-ways from being cut downduring development.

For 2011, Phillips hopes to merge his efforts with fellowaldermen to improve city transportation.

“Just like everyone else, our roads,” said Phillips of hisalderman resolution theme. “We’re looking at different pavingoptions to keep our roadways in good shape.”

As the year ends, city officials can take a break from worryingabout roadways, bridges, ordinances and sidewalks. However, therest time will be short.

Who knows what’s in store for 2011?

“There are always needs, and they’ll never stop,” said Maxwell.”I think once we get one project we’ll have to shoot for the nextone and take one project at a time.”

Phone calls to Ward Two Alderman Terry Bates and Ward ThreeAlderman Mary Wilson were not returned.