Best use of time produces best results

Published 7:00 pm Sunday, January 9, 2011

The decorations are all packed up, the kids are finally back inschool, and our regular routines are re-established.

For me that means back to the gym! I took a couple of weeks offfrom my workout routine over the Christmas holiday. Between work,my daughters’ activities and preparing for the celebrations, I justdidn’t have the time to dedicate.

So I just stopped going to the gym for almost two weeks.

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Although I enjoyed the holidays, I can’t say that I liked takinga break from my workout. After the first week I could definitelytell in my energy level and in how I felt.

So once the holiday was over, I was excited to be able to getback in my routine. But it really was humbling to realize just howmuch I had gone backward just taking a two-week break. My staminaand strength were definitely not at the same level as before.

While grumbling about this, I had a very interestingconversation with a girlfriend at the gym.

We were both bemoaning Mondays and how much we had enjoyed ourholidays. We agreed that it is tough to get back into the swing ofthings once you’ve enjoyed relaxing. This led into a discussion ofwhat methods we use to keep ourselves motivated when we don’ttotally feel like digging in seriously at the gym.

I can easily be my own worst enemy, mentally.

Many years ago, I used to rationalize cutting corners in myworkout, which would also bleed over into my ways of doing otherchores (Why move the books on the table to dust? Just dust aroundthem.) and even into my personal life (forget a birthday, forget tocall, forget to say the little things that in the end really domean so much).

My husband, who is very pragmatic, structured and is also mybiggest reality checker, made a very good point to me when I firstreally got serious about becoming physically fit.

He made the observation that I was barely moving on the stairclimber, engrossed in a book that had my attention so much morethan the machine I was marching on.

He advised me to remember that the time on the stair climber orat the gym was going to pass regardless of how I performed, andthat I might as well make the very most of each moment so thatlater I could feel great about myself and my accomplishments.

That advice really struck a chord with me, and I put down thebook and really dug on into my workout.

And yes, afterward I definitely did feel a big sense ofaccomplishment. I’ve found that both in the gym and throughout mydaily life, not avoiding tough situations, but being determined anddoing my best had very good results.

The fact is whether or not we make the most of the time we have,be it in physical fitness, eating habits, spiritual or personallives, whether we maximize or simply cruise along is up to us todecide.

That simple mantra (The time is passing by regardless … is itgoing to count or be wasted?) has been so important in keeping mefocused and driven both in the gym and in all facets of mylife.

So, I am digging in and challenging myself to keep improving,growing stronger and more resilient.

Anyone else?

Lifestyles Editor Rachel Brumfield can be reached at TheDAILY LEADER at 601-833-6961 ext 134, by e-mail or you can write to her at P.O. Box 551,Brookhaven MS 39602.