Martin Scholars earn recognition

Published 7:00 pm Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The future continues to look bright for Brookhaven as MamieMartin honored its Rising Scholars and Rising Star students duringa program at Lipsey Middle School on Tuesday.

Mamie Martin Rising Stars, students who received straight A’s ontheir report card, and Mamie Martin Rising Scholars, students thatreceived A’s and B’s on their report card, proudly walked acrossthe stage at Lipsey to a thunderous roar of applause from parentsand spectators. The Mamie Martin program was an extension of theMississippi Scholars program, which sets high school students on amore rigorous course of study and rewards successful students withcollege scholarships.

Mamie Martin held a program for first, kindergarten and secondgrades at 9 a.m., 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., respectively. Out of the 738enrolled at Mamie Martin, 505 students were honored for theiracademic achievements throughout the day.

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“It’s a great program to begin to acknowledge and rewardelementary students,” said Principal Danita Hobbs. “I have greatteachers who are so committed. They’re an awesome bunch.”

While the students were receiving recognition, the program alsosets its sights on keeping parents and guardians interested intheir young achievers’ academic futures. Officials encouraged thosein attendance to stay committed to the students and to continue tosupport them beyond the elementary years.

“Sometimes in our business, we need to stop for a minute toponder our responsibility to these students,” said MississippiScholars Committee Chairman Kenny Goza. “We need to start thinkingabout them as much academically as we do athletically.”

The presentation for Mamie Martin was the fourth at areaelementary schools. Goza mentioned that three out of the fourprograms were standing room only.

Tuesday’s program had spectators standing shoulder to shoulderwith cameras in hand.

“That means the students are doing well, and we’re getting totalk to parents,” said Goza.

With roughly 70 percent of the students at Mamie Martinreceiving recognition for their hard work, Hobbs thought thesuccess at the elementary school could be credited to more thanjust to the commitment and dedication Mamie Martin teachers showeach day.

“It’s a true testament of the strong parental and communitysupport we have in our community, which is a direct reflection ofhow our community and school are working together to educate ourstudents,” said Hobbs.