January sales tax delivers cheer to community

Published 7:00 pm Friday, February 25, 2011

Residents and visitors to Brookhaven understood that December isthe season of giving as Christmas sales help boost January’s salestax numbers toward the half a million dollar mark.

“Our year-end sales tax numbers made a tremendous rebound,” saidBrookhaven-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce Executive VicePresident Cliff Brumfield.

Brookhaven’s sales tax numbers for the month of January, whichreflect December’s sales, totaled $483,315.96. Last month’s salestax numbers are $43,398.55 higher than the January sales taxnumbers of 2010.

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Brumfield added that just a few years ago, prior to the recession,officials would be very happy to be near the half a million mark.While the most recent sales tax numbers are certainly something tocheer about, they do fall just short to the larger markets ofNatchez and McComb by $26,625.48 and $55,260.42 respectively.

“We might have not led Southwest Mississippi, but as far as incomparison to towns and counties comparable in size – we fairedvery well,” said Brumfield.

Brumfield mentioned that next month’s numbers, which will reflectJanuary’s sales, might not be as impressive.

“January is not typically a retail month,” said Brumfield. “They’resaving their money after making year-end and holidayexpenditures.”

Brookhaven has totaled $2,931,919.08 in diversions from sales taxcollections from July 1 to date, which is $107,079.75 more than the2010 total to date.

Brumfield hopes the trend of increased sales tax numbers willcontinue despite current increasing fuel costs.

The future for business people in Brookhaven could be bright as thetemperatures continue to rise. Walking downtown with the sun onone’s face can make for a pleasurable afternoon and possibly warmpeople to the idea of spending their cold hard cash.

“Now that the sun is starting to peak back out and people begin towork in their yards, we should see these numbers to continue toimprove,” said Brumfield.

The recent numbers are a reflection of residents’ willingness toshop at home and Brookhaven’s shopping appeal to visitors.Brumfield hopes that in a few years the sales tax numbers will stayclose to that half million mark.

“It would be terrific to see an average monthly income in the$450,000 range throughout the year,” he said.