C-L trustees get update on funding

Published 6:00 pm Friday, April 8, 2011

WESSON – Members of the Copiah-Lincoln Community College boardof trustees had a busy day Thursday that included a science fair, acareer fair, an appreciation luncheon and a board meeting. However,tired minds can rest a littler easier with the knowledge thatschool funding in on its way.

College President Dr. Ronnie Nettles informed the board that heexpects to receive level funding for next school year.

“For us as a college, it is better for us to plan for the futureknowing we have state-appropriated funds,” said Nettles.

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Nearly $1 million of the college’s federal funding, which is moneywith an expiration date, might be replaced with state-appropriatedmoney if the governor signs off on the budget.

“In planning and running a college and hiring employees, you needmore set funding,” said Nettles.

The appropriations, which are based on enrollment, would be about$11 million for the upcoming school year.

“Ours was almost dead even to what we got last year,” said Nettles.”I’ll take that right now.”


Visiting football players to H.L. Stone Stadium might only have tobear one more season of cramped conditions at the fieldhouse.

The Frank Pitts Field House is home to football offices, a filmroom, a training room and when there is a home game for Wesson HighSchool or the Wolfpack – the visitors’ locker room. For about thepast four years, trainers, their assistants and staff have beenshifting equipment around to accommodate visiting players.

“You’re talking about a team that has a 55-man roster,” said PublicInformation Director Natalie Davis. “You have no where to putthem.”

The college will now request bids to not only add a dressing room,but also expand the field house. The construction is expected tocost somewhere between $150,000 and $200,000.

“We have not had a project like this in quite sometime,” saidNettles. “So the money is there to do it.”

Officials do not expect the field house’s additions to be ready forthe upcoming season.

“Realistically, things take a little longer than I think theyshould,” said Nettles. “I don’t see how we’d be ready for thisseason.”


Nettles also informed the board that flooding problems arecontinuing in the Thames Conference Center.

“We’ve been spending a lot of effort last week to resolve thatproblem,” said Nettles.

Areas of the center have recently flooded for about the fourthtime, which causes roughly $4,000 to $6,000 worth of damage eachtime there is a watery mess. Davis thinks the problem is beingcaused by a mechanical issue with the heating and coolingsystem.

“It’s actually coming through on the guest suite side through theceiling,” said Davis. “It’s enough water that it’s coming acrossthe hall into the office suites.”

Fortunately for the school, the contractor has been covering mostof the repair costs.

“The school hasn’t had a lot of expense in it,” said Vice Presidentof Business Affairs Michael Tanner.