Principal chows down over challenge

Published 6:00 pm Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fifth- and sixth-graders at Lipsey Attendance Center turnedtheir candy money into kibbles-n-bits and earned the opportunity tosee Principal Rob McCreary chow down on a hefty helping of anot-so-sweet treat Tuesday.

As the Parent Teacher Association embarked on their secondfundraiser of the year about a month ago, a candy sale, McCrearyagreed to eat dog food if the students could sell $15,000 worth ofcandy. Lipsey fifth-graders raked in roughly $18,000 on their own,more than half of the estimated $29,000 total.

“I never thought it was going to happen before now,” saidMcCreary of the possibility of eating a meal fit for a creature onfour legs.

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Lipsey students filled the auditorium one by one as “Who Let theDogs Out” played through a stereo and a personalized dog bowlgreeted McCreary.

Students began barking in anticipation for their principal toown up to his side of the deal. McCreary took a good look at thePedigree beef-flavored wet dog food and downed not one, but twobites.

“It tastes like chicken,” joked McCreary with some of thestudents after the late lunch.

The PTA and McCreary debated several options should thefundraising goal be met, but eating the canine grub stuck out themost.

“That was the weirdest one of the group pretty much,” saidMcCreary.

McCreary’s big bites will be remembered every time students feela little cooler while in school.

The PTA will be using the money earned from the fundraiser toreplace the 50-year-old blinds that currently hang in the schoolthis summer. Some of the money earned will also be used to helpfund teacher-appreciation week.

“The teachers would really like their blinds to go up and down,”said PTA President Cindy Townsend.

While McCreary ate dog food, roughly 70 students got to enjoypizza first class. Students who sold 40 units of candy were takenby limo to eat lunch at a local restaurant.

“That was awesome,” said student J.T. Thames. “I loved it.”

McCreary is no stranger to providing that extra push for hisstudents. In the past he said he has dressed up in all sorts ofcostumes and has even stayed on the school roof. However, munchingon dog food takes the cake.

“I’ve done a lot of crazy stuff in the 10 years I’ve been doingthis as an administrator,” said McCreary. “It’s the craziest thingI’ve done, by far.”

Townsend commented on how it was a great day for the studentsand thanked the parents, students and staff that helped contributeto a fun experience.

“The day was awesome,” she said. “It makes me appreciate ourprincipal a whole lot because not every principal would eat dogfood for their students.”