Passionate Performance

Published 6:00 pm Friday, April 22, 2011

While Easter Sunday marks the time when Jesus Christ rose fromthe dead, those looking to celebrate the occasion a littledifferently will have all weekend to do so by attending one ofthree performances of Clear Branch Baptist Church’s production of”The Lamb.”

The hour-long musical will begin in the Garden of Eden and thenfollow through several different phases of Christ’s life includingbirth, death and resurrection.

“It’s just the life story of Christ from the beginning to theend, then He comes back up,” said Mike Britt, minister ofmusic.

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The play will be performed in the sanctuary of the churchlocated off of Old Highway 51, roughly three miles north of theairport.

The drama will kick off Friday evening at 6:30 and then followagain at the same time on Saturday. The final performance will beSunday at 10 a.m. The play is free to attend and open to thepublic.

“Having three nights is a great opportunity to have somebodycome and bring their family or bring someone they normally don’tsee,” said Britt.

Helping make the play come to life will be about 50 members ofthe congregation. Church member Angela Britt wrote the script forthe musical.

“It was like God started sending us what we needed to share thatJesus was the forever sacrifice for our atonement of sin,” shesaid.

Actors, directors, musicians and stagehands have been workingfor about the past three months, usually twice a week, gettingnotes, positioning and movements just right.

“It’s been a lot of work,” said Mike Britt. “It’s been a lotpeople pitching in and a lot of people just putting in a lot ofeffort doing the little things that make it all come together.”

Those involved hope the many hours spent ironing out the detailshelp convey the emotions and severity of the situations surroundingChrist’s resurrection.

“We really want to make the story of Christ just really thrill,”said Mike Britt.

While the event is open to everyone, the music minister hopesthe play will catch the attention of those not typically found in achurch pew during the weekends.

“There are a lot of people in the area that may not go to churchon Wednesday or Sunday, but they may go to something like this thatshows the burial and Resurrection of Christ,” he said.

Mike Britt said they have already started to receive feedback bythose interested in attending the play.

“It’s an awesome feeling to know that we had actually had peoplecall to say, ‘we don’t go to church anywhere, but we would love tocome to your drama,'” said Mike Britt.

Clear Branch Baptist Church is familiar with the arts. Thechurch performed an Easter play last year and also showcasedJudgment House last fall.

“Almost yearly we do put something on like this,” said MikeBritt.

While the music minister said the play would be worth every hourof practice if just one person gets to know Christ, he also addedthis performance and the several other plays the church hasproduced have been a unifying act for the congregation.

“This church has been doing this for a long, long time andpeople just really lift each other up and encourage one other,”said Mike Britt.