Presidential candidate makes local tour stop

Published 6:00 pm Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Republican presidential candidate John Davis rolled his large”votercade” into Brookhaven Tuesday during one of his many stopsacross America as he attempts to stop in as many counties as he canduring his grassroots style campaign for the presidential electionof 2012.

With his patriotic wrench in hand, Davis has already stopped in600 counties in states including Texas, Alabama, Louisiana,Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Missouri,Arkansas and Oklahoma.

“We just ask people what they think about this country and whatare some of the solutions (to our problems),” said Davis.

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Claiming not to be a politician, the Grand Junction, Colo., manhas six children, four grandchildren, no college degree, has beenself-employed for more than 30 years as a contractor and thinks abusinessman is who the people want as their next president.

“The next president isn’t going to be popular if he does what hehas to do,” said Davis.

Davis said he is pro-God, family, country and life, would liketo “untie the hands of free enterprise,” control the borders andbalance the budget.

“We know what we need to do,” said Davis. “It’s commonsense.”

Davis began touring the country in early January and said he hasseen a lot of passionate people. He said it would take action fromthose who are unhappy with the current state of affairs to make adifference.

“We have to show the leadership of this country we’re not goingto take it,” said Davis.

Davis views the position of president as an opportunity to servehis country, much like a military man views his role in theservice. He said he decided to run for president about a year agoafter God spoke to his heart.

“This is God’s campaign,” said Davis. “I’m being obedient.”

While the presidential hopeful lacks any heavy media exposure,he thinks the American public is not satisfied with the moremainstream choices. He hopes to bring a “practical, common senseapproach to solving our nation’s problems.”

The large American themed RV Davis travels in is hard to missand stopped in four other counties after leaving Brookhaven onTuesday. He was scheduled to be in Lucedale at 8 o’clock Wednesdaymorning before heading toward Alabama.

Maybe more noticeable than his RV is the giant red, white andblue tool he carries with him – which seems to be a symbol of hisbackground.

“Everybody remembers a guy with a wrench,” said Davis.