Opportunities numerous for roving reporter

Published 6:00 pm Sunday, June 5, 2011

Columns are new to me.

I have never written one, I don’t blog and I hardly post onpublic forums. In fact, I am not a big fan of columns. I supposethey are interesting since it is essentially an “open microphone,”but everyone has an opinion, thought or feeling. Why is minepublished and why do people read it?

However, since writing a column, I have found many people havecommented (to me personally) far more on my slivers of writing thataccompany the great looking Lifestyles page – which is paginated bythe awesome Graphics Department at The DAILY LEADER – than probablyanything else I have written while at the paper.

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A work friend told me perhaps my columns generate some responsebecause I am opening up to the public, sharing personalinformation. This, I am definitely not a fan of.

I don’t do public displays of affection, nor do I talk about myfeelings.

Nevertheless, here I am columning it up one more time.

My last several columns have sort of had a theme; trust me thiswasn’t planned. I have just been sharing how my life has beenchanging since graduating from Ole Miss.

Right now, my plate is full of wedding planning, story writing,getting ready to move, story writing, visits home (Sumrall) andpreparing for school.

Yes, I have decided to attend Loyola University New OrleansCollege of Law this upcoming semester (it was really hard not tohead back to Oxford).

Going to law school is something I have wanted to do ever sinceI was a little kid, and when I graduated from Ole Miss I felt thatI didn’t have the LSAT score to get accepted anywhere (big mistake- I should have had them tell me no rather than me tell myselfno).

It was extremely difficult to work very hard in school and havea goal in mind and then not end up where you want to be. I feltdefeated.

After working in Florida over the summer I decided that I wasgoing to retake the LSAT and at least apply to various law schools.I owed that to everyone that has supported me through the years andto myself.

In the meantime, I was offered a position at The DAILY LEADERand it has proven to be a terrific opportunity.

I have met so many great people, have discovered the treasurethat is Brookhaven and have had some really memorable experiencesalong the way (flying in an airplane, working with publicofficials, meeting state representatives, the list goes on).

Anyway, here I am – too much on my plate, so much to do, notenough time to do it all; but, I don’t think I would trade mycurrent position for anything.

I have realized over the past couple weeks how fortunate I am tohave a job and I am able to look forward and begin to step in thatdirection (even though all the uncertainties are scary). While myhead is spinning with wedding bells, news stories, storage boxesand the everyday activities of life, maybe busy isn’t all thatbad.

As I prepare to leave The DAILY LEADER, I just thought I wouldshare something with all the people I have interviewed through thepast several months that have shared so much with me (anger,frustration, sadness, happiness and joy).

Being around all the recent graduations and seeing my nephewgraduate and prepare to go to Ole Miss (Hotty Toddy!), I justwanted to share one final piece of advice.

Don’t worry if you are clueless about where you’re going and ifyou think you have everything figured out, things probably won’t goexactly as planned. However, work hard and at least give yourselfopportunities in the future. If things don’t play out just the wayyou want, keep pushing forward.

All that hard work has to lead somewhere. Good luck.

Thanks for the memories, Brookhaven.

Write to Chad Lederman at P.O. Box 551, Brookhaven MS 39602, orsend e-mail to clederman@dailyleader.com.