Area Welcomes Rainfall

Published 6:22 pm Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tuesday’s rainfall offered relief to everyone, but it stillwasn’t enough to cancel out the county’s burn ban, according tolocal officials.

Lincoln County Civil Defense Director Clifford Galey said theban is still in effect.

“Yesterday’s rain hit the ground, and as dry as it is, it wassoaked right back up,” he said Wednesday. “It wasn’t enough to endthe ban.”

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Galey said that Tuesday’s storm, which brought a third of aninch of rain to the Civil Defense office, resulted in a few downedtrees and some minor damage.

“We had a couple of trees down and some kind of feed shed belowRuth damaged, but no major damage,” he said.

He said that while more rain is expected Wednesday, he’s notexpecting for it to change the status of the ban.

“It probably won’t be enough to affect the burning ban that’s inplace,” he said.

The Weather Channel has predicted a 40 percent chance of rain.Galey said that pop-up thundershowers could also occur.

“Even so, the rain is a welcome visitor,” he said. “To myknowledge, there was no measurable rainfall for the entire month ofMay.”

Extension Service Director Rebecca Bates agreed, even though therain forced the first Tuesday under a new Lincoln County FarmersMarket schedule to end early.

“We did have to close a little bit early yesterday, but for ourfirst-ever Tuesday afternoon market, it was great,” she said.

Bates said that the market, which is held in Railroad Park,still reaped some benefits from the rainfall.

“It cooled it down,” she said. “For most of the market, we justhad sprinkles, and that was OK since we were under tents and treesin the park.”

Bates said she made the decision to close the market down about45 minutes early after the storm clouds started to gather.

“I was sorry about that, but happy for the rain,” she said.

Bates said the rainfall, which registered as an inch and aquarter at her house, was beneficial to area farmers andanimals.

“It was a good, slow, soaking rain, and that’s what we werelooking for,” she said. “That’s enough to perk up vegetablegardens, pastures, and bring relief to the wildlife andlivestock.”

She also added that she was hopeful for more rain Wednesday.

“Hopefully, we’ll get some more tonight,” she said. “That mightcatch us up for a while.”