The eagle has landed at the Brewer house

Published 6:00 pm Sunday, July 3, 2011

I hope you are enjoying your Fourth of Julyweekend and you’re planning to celebrate the holiday in a grandfashion!

    I’ve never been a real patriotic person outwardly, meaning I don’twear red, white and blue or fly an American flag on my house or inmy yard.

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    I am very patriotic inward, meaning I love my country and theideals it stands for.

    As a grade-schooler, I remember quite well saluting the flag andreciting the Pledge of Allegiance each morning. I also rememberprayer time. It’s too bad that our schools don’t teach these samepatriotic and religious values today.

    I think it’s been some years ago, but the families in and aroundStorm Avenue used to put on a big Fourth of July block party. Theywould block off a section of the street – with the police chief’sblessing – and party away for several hours. Both young and oldwould join in the pageantry and wear their most decorated Fourth ofJuly apparel.

    Today the Fourth is met with a lot of fanfare in the way offireworks, barbecues and family gatherings. I haven’t heard of manyblock parties anymore. I guess recognizing our Independence Dayshould be a celebration – a big celebration of our way of life andthe freedoms we enjoy.

    My husband Dennis and I hosted a Fourth of July block party at ourhome about seven or eight years ago. We had a great time. Theentire block and a few others showed up. What I remember best washow good all the food was and fellowshipping with my neighbors! Itwas a great way to get to know those who live around us.

    Eating aside, there are many, many ways to celebrate our country’sindependence.

    My husband is quite the patriotic person. He has the red, white andblue, eagle and flag patterned T-shirts to prove it.

    He also has the eagle figurines to solidify his position.

    Years ago, I had put a halt to the eagle buying and receiving ofeagle-related gifts. Everywhere you look in our house there was aneagle. Still is. The eagle buying had gotten so bad at one pointthat I too started receiving them as gifts. I knew at that point weneeded an intervention.

    Well, after years of no eagles, they’re back. He received a giantone for his birthday a few weeks ago. Don’t get me wrong, it’s agorgeous eagle but it’s nearly 4 feet tall and is pretty heavy.

    My daughter Liana and her fiancé Zane gave it to him as a surprisegift. And yes, he was very surprised!

    The eagle is actually a flag holder. It has a slot on its backwhere you can slip a flagpole. We haven’t gotten him a flag yet,but I’m sure it will be on the shopping list soon.

    I think the eagle is actually an outdoor yard ornament. It’s madeof resin and heavy enough to endure the weather. I think if we wereto put it outside it could possibly grow some extra legs and takeoff. So Dennis decided it needed to be an inside eagle, which wasfine by me.

    Once Dennis got it into the house, he put it in the most prominentspace he could find – right inside the doorway. There’s no wayyou’re going to miss seeing it when you enter our house.

    Since the eagle landed inside the door, I’ve gotten severalcompliments on it. It is very pretty. I just hope this doesn’t openthe door for more eagles.

    I’m going to celebrate this Fourth by doing absolutely nothing butresting and enjoying having the day off. Poor Dennis has towork.

    Maybe I’ll go ahead and put finding a flag for the eagle stand atthe top of the shopping list. It would probably make me feel verypatriotic.

    Happy Independence Day!

    And how was your week?

    Lifestyles Editor Tammie Brewer can be reached at The DAILYLEADER at (601) 833-6961 ext. 134, by e-mail or you can write to her at P.O. Box 551,Brookhaven MS 39602.