Supervisors advance plans for road striping

Published 6:00 pm Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Lincoln County Board of Supervisorsapproved a proposal Tuesday by Jeff Dungan, Lincoln CountyEngineer, to write a check to the State Treasury for State Aidfunds to initiate a county-wide road striping project.

    Dungan, principal of Dungan Engineering, PA, recommended the boardwrite the $75,000 check now instead of waiting until January to getthe process going. Dungan said the money should be replenished atthe beginning of next year.

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    Supervisors agreed that the project could not be delayed anylonger.

    “The people, I know, are really rushing for this,” District TwoSupervisor Bobby J. Watts said. “They’re begging for it.”

    Dungan said it would be the new board’s responsibility, since it isan election year, to request the money back at the beginning ofnext year. He advised that because it is an advance on state money,there should be no problems in having the amount return to thecounty’s fund at the beginning of the new term.

    District One Supervisor the Rev. Jerry Wilson echoed the sentimentsof Watts and the other supervisors.

    “The people have been complaining in my area,” he said. “They needit.”

    Before final approval from the board, there was some slighthesitancy from the members about getting the best price for theproject. Dungan said the estimator suggested 32 cents per foot ofstriping paint, which Dungan countered with 12 cents per foot.

    At that point, Dungan said the parties eventually settled on 18cents per foot of striping as the final estimate, allowing him tocome to the board with an actual amount for which to write thecheck and begin the project virtually immediately.

    Dungan said the county will run an ad for the project next week forbids among four different companies.

    “This estimate is based on the same price as was done in LawrenceCounty a year ago,” Dungan said.

    In other county road matters, the supervisors heard from VanceBrothers, Inc., an asphalt manufacturing and supply company, aboutnew road pavement mixtures.

    The “chip-seal” and “micro-filler” mixes promise to leave countyroads in as good of a shape as State Aid roads, according to aspokesman for the company

    “It makes for a good crack-filler in your roads,” he said.

    Ryan Holmes of Dungan Engineering presented the board with acomprehensive report of all roads in the county, State Aide roadsincluded, for each member’s review.

    Holmes also gave the board a status report list on all road andbridge construction projects in the county.

    In other county matters, Jim Mangum of Southwest MississippiPlanning and Development District approached the board about overbudget bids on mobile homes by the Mississippi DevelopmentAuthority.

    The supervisors approved their acceptance of property rolls fromLincoln County Tax Assessor/Collector Nancy Jordan.