Birthday weeks should become mandatory

Published 6:00 pm Sunday, October 9, 2011

Birthdays. They come around each year andeach year we just get older and older. I don’t dwell on the “older”part. I just celebrate another year.

    This year I decided to do something a bit different, which I’veseen others do, and celebrate with a birthday week!

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    My daughter Liana and her husband Zane got on board and a weekbefore my birthday began giving me gifts. Not expensive ones, mindyou, but ones from the heart.

    My first gift of the week was a Mr. Potato Head in the “IndianaJones, Raiders of the Lost Ark” theme. It is great! Press his hatand he plays the theme song from the movie.

    Only they would know how much I love toys and that Mr. Potato Headwould go great in my home office. I was also treated to a meal atMitchell’s.

    Day two brought a Mrs. Potato Head Christmas tree ornament to thehouse. How cute! She will probably never see a Christmas tree, butshe’ll fit nicely on a shelf in my office, too. Day two also tookme on a trip to Hattiesburg with Zane and Liana, and a meal atOlive Garden, as well as a stop at a Dirt Cheap store. Family,retail therapy and food are always a good combination ofthings.

    Day three, Liana brought over another small gift in a plain brownbox. Mrs. Potato Head will have a partner on my office shelf, asMr. Potato Head now occupies the space next to her.

    Day four was kind of a rest day since everyone was working but me.I spent the day in my pajama pants and a T-shirt reading the paper,watching a couple of movies and reading a few magazines. My kind ofday.

    Day five was my husband’s last day at work for three days and hecame toting home a couple of “Star Wars” figurines to go on myoffice shelves. I have a feeling he didn’t want the daughter andhusband to out-do him during birthday week.

    I think having the children and husband compete giving me presentsis a good thing. Birthday weeks should come around more often!

    Wrapping up birthday week was another shopping outing and eatingtrip to Jackson, one to McComb and finally my “big” birthdaypresent from my husband, a new watch I had been coveting.

    I should have thought about this whole birthday week a long timeago. I’ve had a blast and did a lot of shopping and eating out.

    Come tomorrow I begin my diet, since I feel like I’ve gained 20pounds during birthday week.

    Who said birthdays can’t be fun?

    Today is my actual birthday and the end of the birthday week. SinceI had to write my column in advance, I have no idea what my familyhas planned for me today – but if the previous six days have beenany indication, it should be grand.

    I never knew many people with the same birth date, Oct. 9, as meother than celebrities and those listed in the newspaper on mybirth date. I still don’t know many.

    However, several years ago I met Tommy Cupit when he came into thenewspaper to bring in his mother’s photo and a small write-upconcerning her birthday. I noticed she and I share the sameday.

    I would like to wish a happy 99th birthday to Mrs. Ammie Cupit.This year, Tommy’s wife Sharon brought in a new photo of Mrs. Cupitalong with a write-up, which you can see inside today’s Lifestylessection. Happy birthday, Mrs. Ammie!

    And there are probably some of you out there who are wondering justhow old I am today. Well, I’m not shy and don’t mind saying thatI’m celebrating my 48th birthday.

    I still feel like a spring chicken, only with a few more aches andpains!

    And note to family: Next year let’s think about having a birthdaymonth!

    And how was your week?

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