Mailbox vandalisms early Halloween trick

Published 6:00 pm Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween tricks came early Saturday nightfor more than 25 city mailboxes destroyed by pumpkin-wieldingvandals.

    Police Chief Pap Henderson reported that 27 city mailboxes werevandalized and destroyed late Saturday night.

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    When police discovered the damaged mailboxes, the vandals’ choiceof tool was nearby.

    “We saw the pumpkins in the street,” Henderson said.

      Police believe some of the pumpkinsinvolved may have been stolen out of residents’ yards, but many ofthe pumpkins’ origins remain unclear.

    An investigation into the incident is ongoing.

    Henderson said he believes children may be involved, but the policedepartment does have a description of a vehicle that may have beeninvolved. Police are currently looking for that vehicle, Hendersonsaid.

    The vandalized mailboxes included three on Zetus Road, four onSouth Church Street, one on Kraner Lane, four on Margaret Street,five on South Jackson Street, two on Olive Drive, three on VirginiaAvenue, three on Hillcrest Drive and two on Nobel Drive.

    “Those are the ones that have been reported,” Henderson said.

    The vandalism was discovered around midnight, but the exact timethe vandalism occurred remains unknown. Henderson said it couldhave happened any time after dark, but probably occurred closer tomidnight.