‘Giving Away Thanksgiving’

Published 7:00 pm Thursday, November 17, 2011

Members of the Philadelphia Baptist Churchin Caseyville are not just counting blessings this Thanksgiving butgiving away some of their own.

    “We recognized the need to give Thanksgiving to people who want orneed it,” said church member and Music Minister Tyler Scott.”Pastor Bendon Ginn brought the idea of instead of havingThanksgiving at our individual homes, we open up the church toanyone.”

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    “Giving Away Thanksgiving” is what they are calling it, and memberswill cook the traditional holiday dishes and bring them to thechurch Thanksgiving Day for anyone to enjoy.

    Scott emphasized there are no restrictions on who wants to comeenjoy the food.

    “There are no limits to who comes,” he said. “Race, creed orreligion. None of that matters. Whether you’re a hunter from out ofstate, or someone just down on their luck, our goal is to ministerto people who need ministering to. All families and everybody arewelcome.”

    This is the first year the church has done such an event, and Scottsaid it has gained significant interest from its members inplanning for it.

    He said about 35 members came to a meeting who were interested incooking for the holiday and giving part of their Thanksgiving toserve others.

    Even the Mission Kids, the youth at the church, jumped to getinvolved, he said.

    “They’re going to be making the tea Wednesday the night before,” hesaid. “Everyone is all excited about it.”

    Scott also mentioned the members would be delivering some of thefood to elderly people in Caseyville who cannot get out of thehouse.

    “If someone calls and tells us they’d love to get some food butcan’t get out of the house, we’ll be delivering,” he said.

    Scott said he could not gauge what kind of crowd he expects to cometo the church for the food, but that the point is to have itavailable.

    “We’ll serve until we run out of food,” he said. “And if no oneshows up, at least we made the effort because there is no reasonsomeone shouldn’t have a Thanksgiving feast.”

    Regardless, Scott and the members of Philadelphia Baptist Churchrealize the importance of giving because someone is always inneed.

    “God gets the glory for everything,” Scott said. “We hope thisbecomes an annual tradition and blossoms into something no onecould imagine.”

    The church will open its doors to the general public onThanksgiving Day, Nov. 24 at 11 a.m. and will serve until food isdepleted.

    People with questions or seeking additional information can callGinn at 601-757-2271 or Scott at 601-695-0872.