Campaign sign removal good move after elections

Published 7:00 pm Sunday, November 20, 2011

Judging by appearances along city streetsand county roads, candidates and their supporters in this year’selections are taking the proper course and have removed many oftheir campaign signs.

    Lincoln County Solid Waste Coordinator Ronnie Durr has noticed.

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    “There’s been a lot of them removed, but there’s still some outthere,” Durr said.

    Durr said a good number of campaign signs for candidates in localraces have been taken up, but some for regional and state racesremain.

    The candidates who have removed their signs are to be commended.Indeed, we know of some candidates who were out late on electionnight and into the following morning removing their signs.

    For those who have not, Durr said he planned to speak tosupervisors at Monday’s meeting about encouraging removal of thesigns during Keep Lincoln County Beautiful’s presentation on itsannual litter survey. Durr has been working with KLCB’s HomerRichardson on how to best handle the campaign sign removalissue.

    Durr said the campaign signs are costly and officials want to givelocal candidates every opportunity to reclaim them. Regarding signsdealing with state races, he said he is picking up those as he isable to during his work schedule.

    Overall, though, Durr said the situation surrounding campaign signsstill up after the election seems to be a little better than it wasfour years ago.

    That’s certainly a good trend as citizens and officials work toremove all litter, including old campaign signs, from localroads.