Businesses again team up to help with pantry drive

Published 7:00 pm Sunday, November 27, 2011

The holidays are a time for counting andcelebrating the blessings of the Thanksgiving and Christmasseason.

    For the less fortunate among us, particularly those with youngchildren, this time of year represents a greater struggle as theypursue their daily life needs while also trying to meet anyexpectations related to Christmas.

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    While this is a challenging time, it is also one of goodwill andsharing by countless kind-hearted citizens. Evidence of that factcan be seen in the annual success of The Bank of Brookhaven and TheDAILY LEADER’s Holiday Food Pantry Drive.

    Now in its eighth campaign, previous annual holiday efforts haveraised a total of more than $51,000 to assist local food pantriesin tending to the needs of area residents. Despite troublingeconomic factors, 2010’s campaign set a one-year record with$10,200 collected.

    The food pantry drive kicked off this week and will continue untilDec. 16.

    Clubs, groups, businesses and individuals may make donations to thedrive by visiting the newspaper office at 128 North Railroad Ave.,or the Bank of Brookhaven at 411 Brookway Boulevard, to hand offcash or checks. Checks should be made out to the Holiday FoodPantry. No food items will be accepted – the drive will raise moneyonly.

    All those who contribute to the drive will be tracked along withtheir donation totals on the front page of The DAILY LEADER untilthe drive concludes next month. Contributors may choose to remainanonymous.

    Money raised will be divided among five local agencies.

    The food pantries of St. Francis of Assisi/St. Vincent DePaul andUnion Hall Baptist Church this year are being joined by the MarthaSykes Widows and Orphans Center, the Greater Hope Foundation andthe Episcopal Church of the Redeemer. In addition to the Episcopalchurch’s food pantry, among Sykes Center activities is a meals onwheels-type program run several times a week while the Greater HopeFoundation has a variety of services to aid those in need.

    As the economy recovery efforts remain mired in an array ofchallenges and obstacles, people in need continue to face their ownindividual challenges and obstacles. Making a contribution to theHoliday Food Pantry Drive will help the local agencies make thoseobstacles a little easier to overcome for the clients theyserve.