Two building projects’ fates remain uncertain

Published 8:00 pm Sunday, March 25, 2012

While much business is going on in the city, two local projects remain bogged in uncertainty.

     A hotel project on Brookway Boulevard remains, as Mayor Les Bumgarner once said, “an eyesore on the interstate.”

     As recently as January, developer Jackie’s International said work would be restarting on the unsightly metal framework that mars the retail landscape visitors see when they come into the city.

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     At that time, the developer predicted a completion date in May and opening soon thereafter. In reality, however, little appears to have been done on the project.

     City leaders have pushed for completion, but it’s time to push harder.

     Another area where city leaders are taking a wisely prudent course is in the proposed development of an assisted living facility downtown.

     Developer Gayle Evans insists licensing and other paperwork is in order for him to be given a permit to proceed, but city aldermen and building officials are not convinced. Also important in the discussion are assurances that the estimated $7 million project will be completed as envisioned.

     This community certainly could benefit from an assisted living facility.

     What is not needed is the framework of an unfinished project sitting in the middle of downtown. Aldermen must remain vigilant in ensuring that the downtown project does not become a repeat of the one on the boulevard.