Board members continue climbing up salary scale

Published 8:00 pm Sunday, August 26, 2012

While considering pay raises, city aldermen this year are once again looking out for themselves as well.

     Despite knowing what the job paid when they asked for and got it almost four years ago, city board members are again planning to share in proposed raises for all city employees for the new budget year that starts in October.

     If the upcoming 2 percent increase is approved, which appears likely despite some board members’ rightful reservations and concerns, a Brookhaven alderman’s pay will have gone from $15,917 a year in fiscal year 2010 to approximately $17,387 next year. That’s an increase of a little more than 9 percent, if anyone’s counting.

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     Aldermen have refused year after year to consider having pay raises for themselves only take effect at the start of the next term in office. By doing so, the prospect of higher pay should encourage aldermen to continue doing their best for the city or risk not being re-elected.

     Speaking of elections, they are coming next year.

     Aldermen may not have to ask for their pay raises, but they will have to ask for votes. Citizens will likewise have an opportunity to ask those aldermen who seek another term in office about their continued pursuit of pay raises for themselves.