Debris collection from Isaac now under way

Published 8:00 pm Friday, September 21, 2012

Debris collection from Hurricane Isaac started Wednesday in Lincoln County.

     Four crews from Young’s General Contracting of Poplar Bluff, Mo., made the trip down and began cutting and collecting debris Wednesday morning, said Lincoln County Emergency Management Director Clifford Galey.

     The Wednesday start was a day later than initially planned after rain early in the week caused a slight delay.

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     The crews consist of two bucket trucks for cutting leaning tress and limbs and two collection trucks, with two additional collection trucks slated to arrive Monday for a total of four.

     The gathering point for debris had to be changed after the rain made the initial site too wet after the rain. Debris is now being brought to a location near Linbrook Industrial Park.

     Although debris is scattered across the county, officials said most of it was in the southern region. Because of that, crews started the collection process there.

     Galey said an estimated 20,000 cubic yards of debris will be collected in Lincoln County during the 30-day period Young’s will operate.

     Despite the widespread damage, Galey said he thought the crews would easily be able to get to all of the debris within the time period. Two trips down every road in the county are planned, with at least one weekend in between to ensure all debris is collected.

     Galey said homeowners are encouraged to place their debris near the road so it can be picked up. Only debris on the public right of way will be collected.

     “Just get it out to the side or the road for us and we’ll get it picked up,” said Galey.

     District Three Supervisor Nolan Williamson said he’s seeing people prepare for their debris to be picked up.

     “Several people I’ve noticed have pushed their debris out by the road,” he said. “People need to push it out to the road before they make their second pass. Everyone needs to mindful of that.”

     Williamson said he thought his district has a large amount of debris.

     “I’d say there a good bit of debris in my district,” he said. “I’ve probably got the most of all the districts.”

     Galey said despite the rain earlier this week, work is getting moving.

     “It’s a little slow, but they’re moving along,” said Galey. “It’s a lot less debris and it’s more scattered than Katrina. They just have to make so many stops to pick it up.”

     Hurricane Isaac moved through the area nearly a month ago, but Galey said he has not had many people complain about the pace of collection.

     “We haven’t had many calls from people asking when they’re coming to their street,” he said. “It’s hard to give an exact time on when they’ll be there. We ask folks to continue to be patient and we will get it.”

     Williamson said the workers with Young’s have a good grasp on debris collection.

     “They have spotters here and there checking to see where to move to and everything,” he said. “They’re experienced doing this. They’re working like a machine.”