Martial Arts Mission

Published 8:00 pm Thursday, October 11, 2012

A local martial arts instructor is bringing a Christian take to his self-defense classroom.

     Don Jordan has taught classes at several local churches after moving to the Brookhaven area eight years ago to be with his sick father. He is currently teaching classes at First Assembly of God, with the first classes being taught on Tuesday.

     Jordan brings with him more than 40 years of martial arts experience across a wide variety of disciplines.

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     Many of his students have gone on to use what they learned in martial arts in their careers. Jordan brought several students to a level where they were rated nationally and internationally.

     Classes are offered for children as well as adults on Tuesday and Thursday nights starting at 6, with the classes offering many benefits to those who take them. 

     Jordan said his classes are strongly based on Christianity, which means students do not bow to anyone but Jesus.

     “I think bowing to others means worshiping a false god,” he said. “I feel God has led me in a direction to understand that you can be a Christian and a martial artist at the same time.”

     Jordan said advantages to the classes are many.

     “Those taking the classes will be getting a very good overall self-defense program, learn self-discipline, Christian values and fitness,” he said. “The classes would absolutely be a good fit for women looking to learn self-defense.”

     Another key benefit is exercise. Jordan said the class would be great for someone looking to stay in shape.

     “It would help promote a much healthier lifestyle,” he said. “Classes will move quickly, which will make for great exercise. Fitness principles will be applied.”

     In the future, Jordan said he’d like to offer a class for senior citizens.

     “I could eventually have a class for seniors that involves low-impact exercises and it would still give you health benefits,” he said. “Retirees who took those classes in the past said their balance improved quickly.”

     Martial arts are not known for being as popular in Mississippi as football or basketball, but Jordan said he sees potential for the disciplines in the area.

     “Martial arts are not as popular in Mississippi as in other states,” he said. “Some cities have over a dozen martial arts schools. I think there’s a chance to popularize martial arts in this area.”

     Jordan said a misconception about martial arts is that they are all about Asian culture and beliefs.

     “Just because it’s called martial arts doesn’t mean it has an Asian flare,” he said. “Most marital arts migrated from Asia to Hawaii then to the United States over time.”

     In time, Jordan said he’d like to have a completely not-for-profit Christian marital arts program in the area.

     “I can’t do that now because of start-up costs,” he said. “Insurance alone is a good bit and equipment is also costly. It would be funded by donations ideally and it wouldn’t have to be too large of a facility.”

     Jordan’s classes at First Assembly have started out small, but he hopes they grow.

     “I plan to continue teaching classes at First Assembly of God for as long as I can,” he said. “I plan to stay here for the rest of my days.”