Ward line map OK sets stage for more candidate qualifying

Published 5:15 pm Friday, January 4, 2013

Recent word of U.S. Department of Justice’s preclearance of Brookhaven’s new aldermen ward line map clears the way for all would-be city election candidates to formally toss their hats into the ring.

     Despite having asked for additional information, which increased their time for review, federal officials say the map was actually approved in December. However, holiday mail or some other unforeseen circumstance prevented city leaders from learning of the map’s fate until this week.

     Uncertainty over how new lines would look did not prevent some alderman candidates from going ahead and signing up to run again this week. The possibility existed that those candidates may have needed to amend their filings had new lines been needed and they ended up in a different ward from the one in which they qualified.

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      All of those concerns are gone now, and candidates – and voters – can focus their full attention on electing the best leaders for Brookhaven.

     Brookhaven has been blessed to have a long line of former and current leaders who have endeavored to move this city forward. The city needs to be able to continue in that direction once this year’s elections are over.

     For that to happen, quality candidates must step forward and offer themselves for public service. Some current office-holders have already done so, and more are expected to announce their continued desire to serve by qualifying before the March 8 deadline.

     Voters will have the ultimate say so when they go to the polls for party primaries in May and for the general election in June.

     For the future of the city, and to some extent the Lincoln County community as a whole, we deserve the best options possible on the ballot.