Don’t take step back with liquor

Published 7:00 pm Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dear Editor:

As a life-long resident of Brookhaven and Lincoln County, I am so proud of our community. We have outstanding leaders, an excellent police force and sheriff department. We have superior health care facilities and excellent doctors. As the issue of the liquor referendum comes to the community’s attention, I would like to express my opinion.

Just from the sales tax point of view, our city consistently is ahead of cities in our state similar to our size. I know we have several car dealerships that add to that bottom line. By adding liquor and package liquor stores, I do not believe it will benefit our city.

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There is a cost that comes with most everything. Along with all of these restaurants we are being told we need, there is the cost of law enforcement. There are people who say they only want a glass of liquor with their meal. That is not the person I am concerned about. It is the guy who buys the bottle of whiskey and consumes it all. Then gets in his vehicle and drives the roads and kills someone. Yes, that will help us to hire more law enforcement and add personnel at the hospital. Is that what we call progress?

As a person who is a member of a local church, I would strongly encourage all believers to vote against the liquor referendum. Even if you are not a believer, please consider all the other evils that come with the liquor issue.

We live in a great community that has been protected from this issue. Please, let’s not take a step back by voting in liquor.

Milton West