We don’t need liquor in city

Published 7:00 pm Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dear Editor:

Brookhaven/Lincoln County is a great place to live. The success of our economy over the years is almost incomprehensible.

We are able to regularly beat, or come close to, the sales tax numbers of neighboring towns with larger populations. This is a tribute to the hard work and business intelligence of our people.

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Since we have been performing so well, why risk our wholesome family image with a vote on liquor?

As a businessman and chamber member, I say we don’t need it.

I have dozens of reasons why I don’t support this, but here is just one. Some people will say we can limit the sale by the glass, but if the liquor referendum is approved, we are only one vote by our city aldermen away from, package liquor stores (it could happen this year, next year or 10 years from now but I guarantee it would happen if this is voted in).

Let that image sink in for a minute. Liquor package stores lining our Brookway Boulevard!

That image doesn’t say Homeseeker’s Paradise, does it?

Korey White