Keep city free of liquor

Published 7:00 pm Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dear Editor:

The “Home Seeker’s Paradise” is in the throes of deciding whether to permit the sale of liquor. As I have listened to the arguments for and against, I have pondered different aspects of the effects of this decision. My first thought is in regard to the value of a solitary life.

I live in Lincoln County, but not in the City of Brookhaven. Therefore, I will not be able to vote on this matter. This bothers me since I realize the possibility that my family could be driving/riding on a county road while meeting someone who has been in Brookhaven indulging in liquor.

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We could have a wreck that would take the life of a family member or my own, but I cannot vote. I think the lives of my family and my fellow Lincoln Countians are valuable enough that we should have a voice (vote) in this decision even though we do not live in the city.

If liquor is permitted, Brookhaven will no longer be the “Home Seeker’s Paradise.” Our city will be cluttered with liquor advertisements, and our safety will be in jeopardy. Our clean, family atmosphere will become a relic of the past. Do we really want this for our children?

I know there are those who argue, “If liquor is not legal in Brookhaven, people will drive to Wesson to purchase it.” I cannot help but believe that there will be more people indulging if liquor is at their fingertips. We do not want to line the Boulevard with liquor stores!

Another argument is, “We could have more restaurants in our city if liquor were legal.” Is having nice restaurants in Brookhaven really worth the possible loss of life, safety, and family values? I like to eat in nice restaurants, but I say it is not worth it!

In conclusion, I appeal to all of the God fearing and good family-oriented citizens of Brookhaven to please make your voice heard. Let’s keep our fair city free of liquor. In doing so, we will keep our families safe and maintain our status symbol as the “Home Seeker’s Paradise.”

Chasity L. Foster