Intends to vote for referendum

Published 10:00 pm Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dear Editor:

I intend to vote for the liquor referendum. I am 78 years old and do not consider myself a drunk because I go to the package store for a bottle of tequila or red wine. There, I have said it!

I am not like some of our citizens who do not want their neighbors to see them. I see them and know who they are because I live here.

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People are going to have what they want, if they can afford it. We have this conveyance called the automobile to take us to Pike County or Copiah where we can get all the liquor we want. Lincoln County and Brookhaven are two of their best customers.

While we are in McComb, we shop for clothes, shoes and other things at the mall. We go to Lowe’s and Kroger and have a meal in a restaurant. Brookhaven missed all that tax revenue.

Not everyone who takes a drink is a boozehead or goes out to commit a crime. We are not going lawless because of liquor sales or package stores. Crime is already here; look around you! My house has been robbed twice already.

With more tax revenue, we would be able to hire more police officers and pay them a wage above the poverty level.

Carolyn Cox