Election Q&A: City clerk candidates answer questionnaires

Published 7:00 pm Thursday, May 2, 2013

Editor’s Note: Today, The Daily Leader continues a question-and-answer series highlighting candidates participating in Brookhaven’s upcoming municipal elections. Today’s responses are from city clerk candidates. Mike Jinks is running as a Republican and Maxine McCoy Jones as a Democrat. Responses appear as submitted by the candidates.

l. What do you see as the top two issues facing the city clerk’s office during the next four years and how would you handle those issues?

Mike Jinks: The storage and preservation of the City’s permanent records. Storage space is becoming a major problem. Working with the Department of Archives & History on the Model Public Records Rules.

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The implementation of federal regulations on Human Resource information: Health insurance; Family Medical Leave; Federal Wage and Hour issues; Identity Theft Policies (Red Flag Rules).

Maxine McCoy Jones: The City Clerk’s Office is the hub of city government and all issue facing the city are important. With the city clerk being the recording agent for city government, managing the financial business, recording, and maintaining records of city government’s actions is top priority. The need to align our “record keeping” processes with twenty first century methods to more adequately preserve our history while at the same time preparing for the future is one of the top issues. Secondly, We need to provide access to public documents such as city meeting agendas, minutes, ordinance, etc., to our community and local businesses, who have a need for such information on a “real time” basis.

If elected, I would work closely with the City Clerk Office Staff, Mayor, Aldermen, City Employees, Community, and Business Leaders, demonstrating how modern “off the shell” automation technology would be both cost effective and beneficial.

2. Do you foresee any improvements in the city clerk’s office if you are elected? If so, describe those improvements and how they will be achieved.

Mike Jinks: Continue to purge files and work on storage of permanent records. Continue to improve information on the City web site and the posting of board meetings, ordinances, resolutions, various forms, and upcoming events.

Maxine McCoy Jones: If the citizens of this community see fit to elect me as their City Clerk, I do foresee some improvements in the Clerk’s office as well as in the other City Departments. In partnership with the Mayor, Alderman, and other City Departments, we will expand accessibility by implementing document imaging technology for records management. In addition, we will continue to improve our level of service to citizens of Brookhaven and those in the business community who require “real time” access to information at City Hall via internet access to certain public documents.

We will achieve the improvements via an indepth review of our automation needs. We will employ proper planning, programming, and budgeting principles at each phase of the program from inception through implementation.

3. What qualifies you to seek this office and how do those qualifications make you the best candidate for this position?

Mike Jinks: I have over 19 years experience in the City Clerk’s office, having been the City Clerk for over 9 years. I am a graduate of the Mississippi Municipal Clerks & Collectors Association certification program through Mississippi State University. I am also certified by the International Institute of Municipal Clerks. I am currently working on my Master Municipal Clerk certification. I have a proven record of working with all the citizens of Brookhaven in a fair and respectful manner.

Maxine McCoy Jones: The main qualifier that I would bring to the office of City Clerk is to value the dignity and worth of our citizens. My goal is to work tirelessly to improve the quality of life and economic prosperity for our residents. Other qualifiers, native/resident of Brookhaven, my love and dedication to this community, 1979 graduate BHS, B.S. – USM, Master – Alcorn. Also, my work/community involvements has equipped me for this position. I ‘ve worked at Packard Electric-computer technician, MS Employment Commission-interviewer, Department of Education – Attendance Officer, Big Brothers/Big Sister – Asst. Director of Programs/Program Manager, member Macedonia Church, President-Delta Sigma Theta Alumnae, Greek Council, Girl Scout, and ASU Alumnae. My leadership skills/accomplishments at various levels makes me well suited to lead the City Clerk office.

4. What are your reasons for seeking this office and why should voters elect you as city clerk?

Mike Jinks: To continue to make the City Clerk’s office more efficient and responsive to the citizens of Brookhaven. To oversee the accounting and management of the finances of the City in the best possible manner. To protect the records of the City and to oversee the Human Resource needs of the employees to the best benefit of the employees and the City. To continue the training and cross-training of the deputy clerks in the City Clerk’s office. I am the only certified/trained candidate for this office.

Maxine McCoy Jones: Brookhaven is a wonderful community that has given so much to me. I view this as my opportunity utilize the education, training, and skills I’ve obtained to serve this community, which I love dearly, as your City Clerk. I want to work with the other elected officials to ensure the great quality of life we all experience will continue for all our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. In selecting me for City Clerk, the voters will get some one who is qualified and ready to do the job.