City should stay dry for liquor

Published 8:00 pm Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dear Editor:

What factors should one consider in deciding on a “yes” or “no” vote in the upcoming referendum on selling liquor in the city of Brookhaven?

I believe there are two major ones:

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1. The negative influence the liquor sales would have on the quality of life in Brookhaven


2. The moral responsibility each citizen has in preserving the quality of life for our families in Brookhaven.

First, like each of you, I’ve always been proud to tell someone I’m from Brookhaven and Lincoln County. The citizens of Brookhaven have worked very hard for decades to have a city that is not only beautiful to the eye, but also beautiful to the soul, mind and body.

Let us not mar the beauty of our city with what the public sale of liquor will bring. The public sale of liquor in the city can only take away from the quality of life that the citizens have been and are working countless hours to preserve.

Secondly, your vote is both a privilege and a responsibility. Is it a moral responsibility to vote “no”? I believe it is.

Otherwise, why are we promoting moral responsibility in our civic clubs, schools, churches and law enforcement, if we do not consider a “no” vote a moral responsibility to our families?

We cannot take a chance that voting “yes” on the public sale of liquor could hurt the families of our city.

Years ago, there was a grand opening of a business in Brookhaven. It was also during a political campaign for which I was running for office. At this event, a friend and I were discussing the upcoming liquor vote in the county, and he asked me how I was going to vote.

I told him I was going to vote against legalizing liquor in our county. Puzzled, he asked me why. My answer was simply that I didn’t think a yes vote, for me, would be pleasing to God.

Brookhaven has many great qualities, and I think one of them is that we are a dry city and county.


J. Ronny Smith