Make the choice against alcohol

Published 8:00 pm Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dear Editor:

Residents of Brookhaven will, in just over a week, have the opportunity to vote on legalizing the sale of liquor within the city limits of Brookhaven.

There is certainly much buzz about all the benefits this law will have for Brookhaven. Funny, I have never heard or seen any real positive results in the bottom of an empty wine glass or a fifth of whiskey.

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How misled has our society gotten to think prosperity and advancement will come with bringing in such an abused drug that has destroyed many lives and families. Oh, I have heard all the gimmicks and false testimony. Let me take a moment to state some real facts that every citizen can easily research for themselves.

McComb, our neighboring city, is much like Brookhaven. It has legalized liquor, however where we have not. How has it fared over the course of the years?

A recent census in 2011, shows that McComb has a higher population of just over 200 residents. Brookhaven has 12,512 resident while McComb has 12,788 residents. It is just off the interstate, relative in size, but how does it fare, and how much better is McComb compared to our city?

As of 2012, McComb has an unemployment rate of 10.1 percent while Brookhaven has 8.5 percent. Residents in McComb that live under the poverty line total 36.9 percent of the population while Brookhaven has 32.6 percent.

I ask where is the myth that liquor will help our economy and unemployment situation?

One of the biggest myths is found in a better economy, as it will increase our revenue and spending.

The fact is the latest census, as of 2009, shows the household per-capita for Brookhaven is $18,711 while McComb fell behind at $15,178. Again, all too often we are quick to hear a word and take it at face value.

I don’t expect your readers to take my word for it. Explore statistics at Type in Brookhaven, MS, then McComb, MS, and compare the statistics. These are not myths, but real world census results.

I ask is this the so-called progress Brookhaven is looking for? I am an advocate for change, but one that brings positive results, not negative.

The biggest issue I think we all have missed is a thought about today, even within the confines of our great city. What things are present that we don’t like and don’t agree with? How have our generations brought about change that is less than desirable? It is from the choices our forefathers made and has affected our generation(s) and those yet to come.

We, in 2013, find ourselves to be guilty of protecting our future generations, at least in part, or bringing more damage that will not be undone.

The choices we make today will affect our children, our grandchildren and beyond. We, dear friends, will be accountable before the eyes of our creator as to the choices we make today that will affect our future.

Brookhaven is our hometown, a “Home Seekers Paradise,” not a party town where a family can’t find a decent restaurant to enjoy a night out, without seeing people consuming alcohol and judgments being impaired. A place where package stores mar our streets, and put all our families at greater risk.

Join me in voting “Against” liquor in Brookhaven, and take a stand by letting our neighboring cities know we have found prosperity, and it’s not found in a bottle.

Our other option is to be like Corinth, who passed the same legislation in December 2012. Have they gained restaurants? No. What they have gained is four package stores and granted seven businesses to sell liquor.

Join me in June to have a voice, be a voice, and vote “Against” liquor in Brookhaven. We don’t need it, we don’t want it, we are a city to be copied, not manipulated. I hope you will consider the weight of your vote and vote for something that will far outweigh the broken promises of alcohol.

Together we can make that choice.


Owen King