Voters finally have chance to cast ballot

Published 7:00 pm Sunday, June 2, 2013

     After months of campaigning, Brookhaven’s city election will finally be coming to a vote this Tuesday.

     While many races for office have yet to be decided – including the one for mayor – the ballot item that seems to be at the top of most citizens’ minds is the citywide referendum on the sale of alcohol.

     As in many recent editions, The Daily Leader’s editorial page today again carries letters to the editor from local residents beseeching Brookhaven residents to vote either “yes” or “no” on the liquor issue.

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     Both sides have backed their arguments with statistics and comparisons between Brookhaven and its sister cities around the area and state. Both sides have cited quality of life and economic development to bolster their case.

     Groups from both sides of the liquor issue have met with The Daily Leader’s editorial board and shared their thoughts. Both editorial board meetings were covered in front-page stories this past week.

     By publishing these and other articles on the upcoming election and by running letters on the editorial page and offering a forum on our website, we believe we have provided our readers with ample information about the referendum.

     The Daily Leader, however, has purposefully chosen not to take a stand on the liquor issue. We believe that the voice of the people should decide this matter on June 4.

     We will point out that it is important for the voters to understand that they will only be voting “for” or “against” the legal sale of alcoholic liquor and wines on Tuesday. The question of whether to allow liquor stores or restrict sales to by-the-drink in restaurants would have to be determined by an ordinance enacted by the new Board of Aldermen.

     While the liquor issue has been foremost in many citizens’ thoughts lately, there are many races that also will be decided this Tuesday.

     For mayor, voters will be choosing between Joe C. Cox (Republican), D.W. Maxwell (independent), Rose “Polly” Powell (independent) and David Douglas Smith III (Democrat).

     Running for city clerk are incumbent Michael Jinks (Republican) and Maxine McCoy Jones (Democrat).

     Seeking the office of chief of police are Bobby Bell (Democrat) and Ted Goleman (Republican).

     In the alderman at large race, voters will choose between Andre’ Spiller (Democrat), incumbent Karen Sullivan (Republican) and Ed Thompson (independent).

     In the Ward Six alderman’s race, voters will decide between David McCoy (Democrat) and incumbent David W. Phillips (independent).

     The other aldermen for the next four years were decided in the primary elections.  They are: Ward One, newcomer Randy Belcher (Democrat), Ward Two incumbent Terry L. Bates Sr. (Democrat), Ward Three incumbent Mary Wilson (Democrat), Ward Four incumbent Shirley Estes (Republican) and Ward Five newcomer Fletcher Grice (Republican).

     The Daily Leader’s staff has made a concerted effort to inform the voters through articles and a special political profiles section published prior to the primaries.

     We now humbly ask the voters to make the very important decisions that will affect the future of this city for the next four years and for many yet to come.

     Please do your part now – and go vote on Tuesday!