Board should allow liquor stores and by-drink sales

Published 7:00 pm Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dear Editor:

Now that we residents of Brookhaven have decided by open referendum that we want liquor sales in our city, our current and future officials must enact an ordinance or ordinances that permit local liquor stores sales as well as liquor by the drink in restaurants simply because the referendum passed by voters did not limit or specify liquor sales to just one or the other.

It is time for our citizens to appreciate the value of taxes from liquor store sales collected within our city, as well as enjoying the pleasure of a drink of wine or other alcoholic beverage at our favorite local restaurant.

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There is no need now for our citizens to have to drive to Wesson, McComb or other cities to enjoy this privilege of adulthood.

Brookhaven deserves it, we voted for it. This does not mean that we have created a city of sots, but it does mean that we can now act as adults and make decisions for ourselves.

Now it is time for local officials to embrace the will of our people and enact ordinance(s) immediately that reflect the referendum voted for by the people.

Harold Russell