Police and Sheriff’s Reports

Published 10:03 am Wednesday, July 9, 2014


The Brookhaven Police Department’s report for Monday was as follows:

• Traffic stop on Brookway Boulevard.

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• Suspicious person on Industrial Park Road.

• Loitering on Jackson Street.

• Traffic stop on Highway 51.

• Traffic stop on Cherokee Street.

• Traffic stop on Brookway Boulevard.

• Prowler on Country Club Road.

• Alarm on Jackson Street.

• Animal control on South Street.

• Theft on Greenview Trail.

• Public assistance on Bryant Street.

• Traffic stop on Natchez Avenue.

• Vandalism on Industrial Park Road.

• Alarm on Dissa Street.

• Meet complainant on Magee Drive.

• Alarm on Pennington Street.

• Public assistance on Greenwood Lane.

• Death on Brookwood Drive.

• Shoplifter on Brookway Boulevard.

• Meet complainant on Fifth Street.

• Meet complainant on Williams Street.

• Meet complainant on Old Wesson Road.

• Traffic accident on Highway 51.

• Meet complainant on Fred Walley Drive.

• Burglary of a business on Highway 51.

• Traffic stop on First Street.

• Traffic stop on Zetus Road.

• Suspicious person on Highway 51.

• Found property on Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Drive.

• Fireworks on Brashier Street.

• Traffic stop on Turnbough Avenue.

• Meet complainant on Union Street.

• Vandalism on Ripley Road.

• Disturbance on Penn Street.

• Hit and run accident on Old Wesson Road.

• Meet complainant on Beauregard Street.

• Shoplifter on Brookway Boulevard.

• Vehicular accident on Brookhaven Street.

• Traffic stop on Williams Street.

• Disturbance on Brookhaven Street.

• Alarm on Jackson Street.

• Public assistance on Union Street.

• Meet complainant on Bryant Street.

• Fireworks on Halbert Heights Road.

• Meet complainant on Hartman Street.

• Alarm on Highway 51.

• Loud music on Loblolly Lane.

• Harassment on Williams Street.

• Traffic stop on Union Street.

• Prowler on Meadowbrook Drive.

• Problem with juvenile on Highway 51.



The Lincoln County Sheriff Department’s report for Monday was as follows:

• Suspicious person on Shell Oil Lane.

• Complaint on Cold Springs Lane.

• Funeral escort on Auburn Drive.

• Funeral escort on Pleasant Grove Drive.

• Lost or stolen on Second Street.

• Complaint at LCSD.

• Complaint at LCSD.

• Complaint at Hunters Road.

• Transport to Lincoln County Sheriff Office.

• Escort to Watts Lane.