Police and Sheriff’s Reports

Published 9:53 am Wednesday, July 23, 2014


The Brookhaven Police Department’s report for Tuesday was as follows:

• Suspicious person on Marr Street.

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• Suspicious person on Smurr Avenue.

• Suspicious vehicle on Fred Walley Drive.

• Prowler on Charlie Lane.

• Alarm on Monticello Street.

• Suspicious vehicle on Stribling Drive.

• Traffic stop on Industrial Park Road.

• Suspicious vehicle on Jackson Street.

• Animal control on Washington Street.

• Theft on Penn Street.

• Traffic stop on Natchez Avenue.

• Traffic accident on Brookway Boulevard.

• Disturbance on Union Street.

• Meet complainant on Union Street.

• Be on the lookout on Railroad Street.

• Traffic stop on Brookway Boulevard.

• Meet complainant on Lipsey Street.

• Harassment on Fulton Street.

• Road hazard on Jackson Street.

• Suspicious vehicle on Sawmill Road.

• Fight on Highway 51.

• Alarm on Justice Street.

• Disturbance on Court Street.

• Reckless Driving on Monticello Street.

• Stolen vehicle on Second Street.

• Disturbance on Georgia Avenue.

• Traffic stop on Monticello Street.

• Gambling on Union Street Extension.

• Narcotics activity suspected on Union Street.



The Lincoln County Sheriff Department’s report for Tuesday was as follows:

• Funeral escort on Jackson-Liberty Drive.

• Complaint on Hog Chain Drive.

• Lost or stolen on Smith Lake Road.

• Direct traffic on Jackson-Liberty Drive.

• Lost or stolen on Grandview lane.

• Complaint on Forest Trail.

• Complaint on Caseyville Road.

• Suspicious person on West Lincoln Road.

• Complaint on Henry Trail.

• Traffic accident on Vienna Trail.

• Lost or stolen on Gum Grove Road.