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Wesson Flea Market returns

The streets of Wesson will be once again bursting with activity Saturday during its hosting of the 43rd Annual Flea Market Outdoor Arts & Crafts Show & Sale. Between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. the city is expecting about 150 vendors and a match, if not greater, of last years turnout of nearly 5,000 visitors.

Vendors, hailing from Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama and Louisiana have lots to offer including jewelry, clothes, woodwork, flowers and paintings.

“Most anything your heart desires you’ll find there,” Margaret Furr said.

Furr’s husband, Kenneth Furr, is the organizer of the festival that raises funds for the Wesson Volunteer Fire Department and reaps benefits for the city of Wesson.

Businesses in the Wesson area are also looking forward to the visitors and benefits the festival brings. Melissa Meredith, along with her husband, owns a store in Wesson called Mill Town Market.

“We’re like a flea market that’s in operation everyday,” Meredith said, “but the Wesson Flea Market is a big day for us.”

Mill Town Mall will not have a booth at the festival but will open their doors to visitor in hopes to gain customers who will come back after the festival is over.

During the festival, visitors are invited to partake in food from the local area amidst their shopping. Whether it’s for the food, vendors or just to socialize, the city of Wesson and the Wesson Volunteer Fire Department hope to bring in and welcome all the visitors they can.