MSU-Alabama game has interest in our area

Published 11:30 am Friday, November 14, 2014

Mississippi State and Alabama fans around the area are excited about the big game Saturday afternoon as everyone is anticipating a great showdown.

Tomorrow’s game will not be treated as just another football game for our college football fans. The matchup between No. 1 Mississippi State and No. 4 Alabama, according to the AP Top 25 poll, could ultimately decide the west, the SEC and a playoff spot.

This game is also receiving national attention as Tuscaloosa will be the center stage for College Gameday, and it has been selected as the CBS game of the week.

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Mississippi State (9-0) is currently undefeated after wins over tough SEC teams like LSU, Texas A&M, Auburn, Kentucky and Arkansas. The Bulldogs have found themselves as heavy underdogs when they visit Alabama in a matchup that could determine one of the four postseason berths.

Alabama (8-1) are currently back in their groove, as some fans would state, after their loss against Ole Miss. They are within reach for another SEC title and a possible National Championship matchup. The Crimson Tide is the heavy favorite to win this big matchup as it comes to no surprise for many viewers.

MSU fans are currently remembering what happen two years ago in Tuscaloosa, when the two teams met in a somewhat similar situation. The Bulldogs came in undefeated and Alabama was No. 1. Some picked the Bulldogs to win however that night unfolded much differently than the way State fans wanted it to go as Alabama squashed MSU dreams with a 38-7 win.

This year, the Mississippi State fans are hoping that their football players will be ready to play in this hype-up contest and put an end to all the rumors that the Bulldogs don’t deserve to be No. 1 in the nation.

Here is a brief survey from some of our local coaches and fans on their opinions and predictions on the game. They provided a variety of answers.

Jason Snider:  I am thrilled to be attending the game this weekend! It’s arguably the biggest game in MSU’s football history. I cannot be any prouder about our program being the number one team in the nation in the middle of November. The MSU alumni association will be hosting viewing parties all across the country for this weekend… San Francisco, Orlando, multiple places in Houston, Atlanta and etc. I think Carl Craig will host a viewing party at Magnolia Blues. I predict the game will be a nail bitter, but the Bulldogs will squeeze it out, 30-24.

Perry Brown:  We are thinking about going to the game but currently undecided. I am expecting a great game and the Bulldogs to win by two touchdowns

Denise Kent:  It predict Alabama to win 21-17. Roll Tide!

Mark Mathis:  I am going to watch the game at home and cheer on the Bulldogs. Hail State!

Danny Sasser:  I am a big State fan just like my brother whom graduated from there. State all the way. Go Dogs!

Larry Sasser:  State will win by 10.

Becky Flowers: <cTypeface:Plain> I have to go with the Mississippi team. I think they will be successful against a very well coached Alabama team. Of course, I will be watching it on television where it is warm and toasty.

Gareth Sartin:  I pick Mississippi State to win. State’s defense matches up well with their offense. Just need to control big plays to Cooper. I think Dak (Prescott) will have a big game on offense but must take care of the ball.

Todd McDaniel:  I think MSU’s front seven is just as good as Bama, but it will be a nail bitter as State will pull it out on the last play by a field goal 27-24.

Gene ‘Moochie’ Britt:  I am not going to the game, but I will be watching the game on television. The MSU-Alabama rivalry has always been a heated battle in college football. I would like for MSU to win, but the odds favors Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

Billy Vaughn:  I am going to watch the game at home. I will be pulling for Mississippi State to win, but I know Alabama will be ready as well.

Casey Edwards:  I will probably watch the game at home. I’m going to take Alabama. I think MSU has been “getting by” with their last couple of opponents, and Bama will be tough to defeat at home.

Jaymie Palmer:  I will watch it at home. I pick Alabama to win 38-21. Alabama is playing at home, and their receivers will be a matchup problem for State.

Tommy Clopton:  I’m watching it on television. I will be pulling for State. I think they get out to an early lead and hold on with a defensive stand.

Blake Purvis:  I will watch the game on television. I hope State wins, but I think Bama has an edge playing at home.

Chad Norton:  I hope State wins. I believe it is going come down to the quarterback play. Prescott and Sims are both very good athletes. Whoever has the best game could very well decide the outcome. I am going to watch it at home. Hail State!

Marc Howard:  My plan is to go to the game. Mississippi State will win. I believe our balance offense attack and physicality of our defense will wear down Bama.

Andrew Redd:  I will be cheering for MSU. That is where I graduated from and they are playing really well this season. I will be watching it on television.

Mike Whatley:  I’m a big State fan and I’m really enjoying the season that they are having. The Bulldogs will win 28-24.

Ronald Greer:  I will watch the game from the comfort of my home, I will be pulling for State, but I feel it will be very difficult for the Bulldogs to beat Bama in Tuscaloosa. I’m going to have to say Alabama in a defensive battle 21-17.

 Brooks Burns:  I think Alabama will win because they seem to be playing better than MSU right now. I believe their defense can keep the game close enough for their run game to eventually wear down Stats defense. If Alabama gets their passing pame going early, it may not even be that close of a game. Byrant-Denny Stadium is the loudest stadium that I have ever been in. And yes that includes Tigers Stadium on a Saturday night. All that being state, State is certainly capable and good enough to win, but I think Bama will win. Of course, I will be watching it from the comfort of my warm living room.

Willie Brumfield:  I’m pulling for the school from Mississippi. I’m not planning to watch it.