Shut up and take my money

Published 10:42 am Friday, March 13, 2015

Money: 1 (noun) the coin or paper currency representing value as decided by a nation’s government. 2 (geek) Give funny paper to man, man give stuff to me. THIS FUN!

I have discovered a couple of ways to increase my dragon’s horde of nerddum for a lot less of the funny paper called money. I mean, saving money is important.

Way number 1 for geek collecting on a budget: Ebay.

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I know, a bit of a downer that it’s not some secret site with insanely low priced stuff to sell, and yes those sites do exist, BUT! I warn you against looking for those sites because you run the risk of being ripped off. Ebay has several steps in place to help prevent you from purchasing that $100 brick that was supposed to be your Nintendo 3DS. Safety trumps low prices in my opinion.

Way number 2:

I just discovered this site within the last month or so, and I decided to take a risk on it. I was not disappointed! It’s like Ebay in that it’s an auction site, but without all the toenail collections and rusted cars to wade through to get to the geek stuff. It only sells geek stuff AND the auctions only last for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the auctions close, you pay your winning bids, and more auctions become available. HUNDREDS of comics, figures, toys, autographed items, props, cards, EVERYTHING! Shipping is a bit high, but it usually gets to you in 3 days. So far, I would recommend this site to absolutely every geek I know.

And lastly, way number 3:

Can you tell I spend a lot of time online? Yeah. I spend a lot of time online. Loot Crate is great. But how can a random collection of $40 worth of nerd stuff delivered to your door every month for less than $20 a month not be great!? Good quality stuff, too. No knock offs here.

Until I need more money to buy more stuff, class dismissed.