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Ole Brook place third, fourth in South State

GULF PORT – The Brookhaven Panthers and Lady Panthers finished strong in track and field action Saturday.

The Ole Brook Panthers finished in fourth place overall in the boys division, while the Lady Panthers finished third overall in the girls’ events.

Brookhaven’s boys and girls continue to finish strong in every event they participated in. The top four finishers in each event will advance to the state championship in Pearl Friday.

All Brookhaven athletes that finished in the top four in each event have qualified for the State competition. Representing the Lady Panthers are Jerricka Williams, Johnaya Williams, Arnancy Arnold, Mya Tahkeya Newton, Miyah Miller, Tiara Johnson, Artia Robinson, Tatyana Crump, Alarria Townsend, Jamese Robinson, Shakera Brewer and Tamia Stallings.

Representing the Panthers are Tyriq Reese, Tajah Black, Tre McDaniel, Kenny Bellamy, Thomas Poole, Ben Robinson, Randy Wilson, Montero Barton, Darius O’Quinn and Alundia Brice.

The state competition will be held at Pearl High School in Pearl. Class 1A, 3A and 5A will compete Friday, May 8. The field events begin at 10 a.m., followed by the track events.

In the boys’ events, Randy Wilson carried the Brookhaven Panthers in the field events of the South State 5A Track Meet with a first place finish in long jump with a leap of 22 feet and 2 inches. Wilson also placed fourth in the high jump of 6 feet.

Montero Barton placed second in the Triple Jump. Darius O’Quinn and Alundia Brice came in third and fourth place in discus throw.

Tyriq Rees placed third in the 800 meters run with a time of 2:10.00. Tajah Black finished fourth in the 300 meters hurdles with a time of 42.94.

In the boys relay events, Brookhaven capture third in the 4×100 meters and sixth place in the 4×400 meters.

In the Lady Panthers’ events,  Artia Robinson helped her team with a third place finish in the triple jump. Shakera Brewer came in third in discus. Tamia Stalling finished fourth in shot put.

In the girls’ relay, the Lady Panthers took third in the 4×100 meters race, second in the 4×200 meter relay and fourth in the 4×400 meter relay.

Johnaya Williams placed second in the 200 meters dash and third in the 100 meters dash. Jerricka Williams took fourth in the 100 meters dash.

Arnancy Arnold placed third in the 400 meters dash and the 800-meter dash. Tahkeya Newton came in fourth in the 800 meters dash.

Miyah Miller secured first place in the 1600 meters run with a speed of 5:46.00. Tiara Johnson finished fourth in the 3200 meter run.

The Ole Brook Panthers and Lady Panthers are coached by Darien Dorsey and Freda Craft.

Class 5A South State Meet At Gulf Port

Brookhaven Girls Results 

100 Meter Dash – 3. Johnaya Williams 12.79. 4. Jerricka Williams 12.80.

200 Meter Dash – 2. Johnaya Williams 26.27.

400 Meter Dash – 3. Arnancy Arnold 1:02.99.

800 Meter Run – 3. Arnancy Arnold 2:39.00. 4. Mya Tahkeya Newton 2:41.00.

1600 Meter Run – 1. Miyah Miller 5:46.00.

3200 Meter Run – 4. Tiara Johnson 14:09.00.

100 Meter Hurdles – 5. Brittany Hill 18.14.

4×100 Meter Relay – 3. Brookhaven 50.01. (Artia Robinson, Johnaya Williams, Tatyana Crump, Jerricka Williams).

4×200 Meter Relay – 2. Brookhaven 1:47.35. (Artia Robinson, Johnaya Williams, Arnancy Arnold, Jerricka Williams).

4×400 Meter Relay – 4. Brookhaven 4:24.00. (Miyah Miller, Alarria Townsend, Jamese Robinson, Arnancy Arnold)

High Jump – — Alarria Townsend NR

Triple Jump – 3. Artia Robinson 33-04.00.

Shot Put – 3. Tamia Stallings 30-08.00. 5. Shakera Brewer 30-02.00

Discus – 3. Shakera Brewer 85-01. 5. Mya Washington 79-05.

Brookhaven Boys Results 

100 Meter Dash – 6. Thomas Poole 11.23.

200 Meter Dash – 5. Thomas Poole 22.79

800 Meter Run – 3. Tyriq Reese 2:10.00

1600 Meter Run – 8. Kariunte Edwards 5:28.00

3200 Meter Run – 6. Adrian Lockwood 11:52.73.

110 Meter Hurdles – 6. Tajah Black 16.48.

300 Meter Hurdles – 4. Tajah Black 42.94.

4×100 Meter Relay – 3. Brookhaven 43.45. (Tre McDaniel, Thomas Poole, Kenny Bellamy, Ben Robinson).

4×400 Meter Relay – 6. Brookhaven 3:40.00. (Kewon Clark, Octavius Scarbarough, Marte Jones, Randy Wilson).

High Jump – 4. Randy Wilson 6-00.00.

Long Jump – 1. Randy Wilson 22-02.25.

Triple Jump – 2. Montero Barton 42-05.00.

Shot Put – 7. Darius O’Quinn 42-10.00

Discus – 3. Darius O’Quinn 123-09. 4. Alundia Brice 117-09.